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Alan Cargile replied to Elton Bloye's discussion What's your main/only acoustic for worship? in the group Worship Leaders
"That is a nice guitar, Elton. And thanks for the welcome. I bet that guitar will sound very good like you are planning to use it. How big is your group. Or is it just you? We don't have a team yet, just a few of us who sing and play…"
40 minutes ago
Alan Cargile replied to Alan Cargile's discussion I Need A Good Hard Shell Case in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Please don't apologize! It is certainly not your fault. I'll take everything with me to GC like you said. It probably is the wrong case. I'm sure that they will have something that will fit correctly and if not I still have the TRIC…"
51 minutes ago
Jud Hair commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Meh! ... Ellen cheaped out and gave'em "Little Martin's" ... they were better off with the Seagulls.  Seriously. "
1 hour ago
Alan Edmunds commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Great story Mark,......BUT.......!!!! They get given brand new Martins at the end (OUCH) - they were only borrowing the Seagulls. Very sweet and cool nonetheless. "
1 hour ago
Mark Barrett commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Play a Seagull on stage and then......."
1 hour ago
Martin van Dooremalen replied to Alan Cargile's discussion I Need A Good Hard Shell Case in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Are the sides of yours roomy as well? If so I'm guessing they labelled a jumbo case 1SKB-20 as the dread case 1SKB-8. It should fit a lot better than your picture shows so bring it with your guitar in to try and your TRIC case in the…"
3 hours ago
Luis Motta da Silva commented on Lance Allen's video

Lance Allen Plays The Beach Boys God Only Knows

" Very beautiful version! Congratulations!"
3 hours ago
Joe Baldwin replied to James Baxter Bain's discussion Silk/steel strings.......
"Yes, Silk strings are excellent for fingerstyle on steel-string. There are a lot of different options: Thomastik Spectrum Bronze, GHS, D'Addario, and Martin.  The "phosphor" equates to a "brighter" sounding string,…"
3 hours ago
Alan Cargile replied to Alan Cargile's discussion I Need A Good Hard Shell Case in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"If my guitar fit this case like yours does I would be very happy. I am taking it to guitar center this weekend to either return it or swap it. I'll let you know. I love your guitar color by the way! Lots of Creme!"
4 hours ago
Martin van Dooremalen commented on Matthew John Leptich's group Worship Leaders
"We did a slightly updated version of the classic hymn Just As I Am by Travis Cottrell this past Sunday. It's a great song for our mixed congregation of older and younger people as it is familiar to the older crowd but the additional…"
4 hours ago
Alan Cargile replied to John Zalus's discussion Power Pins in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Yes. And a less severe break angle is supposed to be less stressful on the bridge itself not bending it out of the proper radius. But I played Les Pauls all my life (I'm 59) and never had one bend and I string them through the stop tail piece.…"
4 hours ago
Marlene Hutchinson posted a blog post

Thursday "tip"

Try different types of strings to hear and feel their variances.  Strings are made with a core material (nylon - nylon strings, steel wire - steel strings) and then wound with various types materials (i.e.bronze, silk, aluminum, silver, etc.) to create differing sounds ~ so test drive several types of strings to find your vibe!Play on...MarleneP.S. See how strings are made's Music…See More
6 hours ago
Tom Cook commented on Tom Cook's photo


"My Jim Worland 21 string harp guitar :) "
7 hours ago
Tom Cook posted a photo
7 hours ago
Randy Lee Hano replied to David Fawb's discussion 12string fingerstlye in the group Fingerstyle players
"I play my 12-String the same way I play my 6. I do not deviate or create a new method or technique. Much of my finger picking is with the nails like a classical guitarist. That is where I started eons ago so the technique has never changed. I could…"
7 hours ago
Don Bartenstein replied to Rob Osborn's discussion Where are Alvarez, not Yairi, guitars manufactured? in the group Alvarez Guitars
"As I understand, China, though I have heard that some were also made in Korea for a while. My 3 '70s-era Alvarez guitars (two 5022's and a 5021) were handmade in Japan and are prized possessions.  My 90's 5037 has a stamp saying…"
10 hours ago
Rob Osborn replied to Rob Osborn's discussion Where are Alvarez, not Yairi, guitars manufactured? in the group Alvarez Guitars
"They are made in China and Alvarez, to their credit, does not hide that fact."
20 hours ago
Ron Khoo replied to Rob Osborn's discussion Where are Alvarez, not Yairi, guitars manufactured? in the group Alvarez Guitars
"My Alvarez from the 80's was made in japan. No idea where the newer Alvarez guitars are made inn but probably china."
20 hours ago
Rob Osborn added a discussion to the group Alvarez Guitars

Where are Alvarez, not Yairi, guitars manufactured?

It has been impossible for me to learn exactly where Alvarez guitars are manufactured.  The short answer, I know, is China but where in China?  Also, does Alvarez have its own factory in China or does it subcontract another company to manufacture its guitars?  I'm just curious because I recently read that one manufacturer in China makes guitars for a few brands.Thanks!See More
20 hours ago
Steve Byrne commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Prayers for you and your family, FG."
21 hours ago





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New Acoustic Guitar Website!

We'd like to invite all members of the Acoustic Guitar Community to come check out the brand-new website at This is a completely redesigned home for Acoustic Guitar (and you!), full of great lessons, songs to play, guitar reviews, and more. You’ll see digital editions from the last two years of Acoustic Guitar magazine (available to…


Posted by Acoustic Guitar on March 29, 2013 at 3:30pm — 7 Comments

Return of The Banjo Killer, the final chapter. . .

Bryan Sutton and "Banjo Killer"; Medley: The Original Waltz/Old Lake. from Bourgeois Guitars on Vimeo.

The moment we've been waiting for: On Oct. 28, 2012, Bryan Sutton debuted the restored the Banjo…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on October 15, 2012 at 7:43pm

Day 16: The Banjo Killer slays again!

This story has a happy ending, folks, and I'll start with it. After working for three weeks to painstakingly restore Bryan Sutton's flood damaged Banjo Killer, Shin Ichikawa finally got to test drive it today! The entire shop stopped working to watch this exciting moment, after which Shin received a standing ovation (well, we were all standing anyway). …


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 13, 2012 at 9:00pm — 6 Comments

Day 15: The end is near. I can smell it.

Shin Ichikawa and I started the day by fitting and glueing the back binding. Last night's fitting of the top binding was tedious, but the tricks we learned made the fit of back binding go smothly. I am amazed at how cleanly both bindings look.  Some finish touch up will be required, but the overall appearance is more than…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 12, 2012 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

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Silk/steel strings....... 1 Reply

I just bought a Fender CP100 yesterday which had been played only twice; the owner was a piano teacher, but couldn't get the hang of guitar.  Her friend in the store had changed the strings to make…Continue

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2015 NAMM Martin Guitars Compliation Video

Here is the sneak preview of the videos I shot on Thursday of the NAMM 2015 Martin Guitar offerings. A full-length video of each model will appear with the exclusive written review at…Continue

Started by Spoon Phillips in Gear on Sunday.

Acoustic Guitar Compressor Pedals - Overview

I am a performing acoustic guitarist, and have recently been doing a lot of research on pro-level dynamic-range compressor pedals compatible with acoustic-electric guitars (aka standard 0 to -10dBv…Continue

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If you could only own ONE acoustic for the rest of your life ... 124 Replies

What would you choose and why?  Money is no obstacle for this discussion! Remember, just one ... for the rest of your life.  Period.PS:  I know it's a hard question, LOL.  But, that's why it make an…Continue

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By design...or not 30 Replies

Music theory is man made, the long continuous tone from low to high being divided into identifiable segments. Physics is not, it is fundamental to the universe and is discovered rather than invented…Continue

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What's the first song or 2 you learned to play on the guitar? 32 Replies

Another thread got me thinking about this and thought it would be fun to hear what songs helped others get started on guitar.  So, if you can recall that far back [ ;-p ] what was the first 1 or 2…Continue

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Started by Tony K. in Playing Guitar. Last reply by Derick Chatfield Jan 23.

Replacing Single Strings 2 Replies

When I replace the strings on my guitar, it's usually after the old ones are starting to wear, and I replace all six strings. But occasionally, it's just one string that breaks or keeps going out of…Continue

Started by Rosemary j. Lambin in Gear. Last reply by Jan Vigne Jan 20.

Newbie 26 Replies

Hello everyone. I am learning to play acoustic guitar and have only been using YouTube but will have my first 1 on 1 lesson Saturday. I'm very excited but nervous as well. It's quite a challenge…Continue

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A New Album of All Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away again for a bit. I just finished recording a 12 song album on bandcamp of all original songs. The whole thing is just one guitar and one voice, no overdubs,…Continue

Started by Lance Eads in Players Jan 15.

I have a set of strings I'll give you. 4 Replies

I recently responded to an online thing and recieved a new set of D'Addario Strings. They are coated Phosphor Bronze EXP16, the gauge is 12-53 and they say NY Steel on them. I don't use D'Addario…Continue

Started by Alan Cargile in Gear. Last reply by Alan Cargile Jan 15.


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