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Tony K. replied to Dan Melnyk's discussion Percussive acoustic guitar
"Interesting stuff.  I'd have to agree with what Nick G said, but say as well, not to be critical.  Very nice. You know,  as I listened to it, it occurred to me that this style is almost "made" to build up to…"
1 hour ago
Tony K. commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"I think Jon is an autograph hound.  He seems to put his "Jon Henry" on my car on almost a daily basis lately.  Good thing my clear coat seems to be tuff and holding strong.  8 years old and not a faded spot or scratch on it…"
1 hour ago
Tony K. replied to Peter Pauer's discussion Removable clear pickguards in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Ya I checked it out and saw that.  Taylor says it's made specifically for the gloss models so that the static clingyness holds better.  Didn't know that at first.  So they'd only be good for gloss top guitars. So ya, I…"
1 hour ago
Peter Pauer replied to Peter Pauer's discussion Removable clear pickguards in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Thanks for all the ideas! Now have a few to "pick"  through to decide on what to do now."
1 hour ago
Greg Ballantyne replied to Peter Pauer's discussion Removable clear pickguards in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Tony, the Taylor removeable pickguard is different from other pickguards. It is a much thinner material that clings on with static cling almost like a disposable dish covering wrap. I don't believe there is any actual adhesive involved. It…"
2 hours ago
Dan Halbert replied to CaliGull's discussion The Merlin. Anyone got one? in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"In traditional dulcimer playing, when it's in your lap, you fret the string(s) closest to you as the melody, and the rest are just drones. So if those strings are doubled, you get a louder melody line. Often the fretting is done with a…"
2 hours ago
Greg Ballantyne replied to CaliGull's discussion The Merlin. Anyone got one? in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"I guess I'm slightly mystified by the reason for that. Seems to be different than the reasons for 12 string guitar or mandolin stringing."
2 hours ago
FloridaGull commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"I already have 2 12 strings - and you guys are giving me GAS!  Both of mine have spruce tops - if I get another, it will need electronics and need to have a cedar top...  ;-) If this Taylor had a cedar top, I would need to devise a…"
4 hours ago
Profile Iconron ryan, Thomas Joel, JOANNE OCONNOR and 1 more joined Acoustic Guitar Community
5 hours ago
Dave Fengler commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"If a seagull added its signature to my car it would probably be an improvement.  The clear coat on the hood failed years ago and it's whitish and blistered.  It may look like seagull poop, but it runs great and gets me back and forth…"
5 hours ago
Michael S. Jackson commented on Jim Handsfield's group Taylor Owners
"Mark - I've had the same problem from time to time on this site - too bad your complete original didn't post. Agree - the price is what will draw people to this guitar. mark - Thanks for posting the video link. Love the other guitars as…"
5 hours ago
Mike commented on Jim Handsfield's group Taylor Owners
6 hours ago
Mike commented on Jim Handsfield's group Taylor Owners
"Mark, Taylor was apparently shooting for just that reaction. That quality? That Sound? A Taylor? That price? On a side note, I think I may need help. I may be addicted to the GS Mini's."
6 hours ago
Martin van Dooremalen commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Well it's not like his car was previously owned by Jon Voight..... (obscure Seinfeld reference)"
7 hours ago
Mark commented on Jim Handsfield's group Taylor Owners
"Well that's interesting.  I posted a long reply to Michael's post about the 150E .   I wonder what happened to it...  Anyhoo.  The gist of it was that I saw that guitar in a Sam Ash ad and could not wrap my head…"
7 hours ago
Ron Khoo commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"What, an original autographed collectible by the famous Jonathan Livingston Seagull has no added value?  What is this world coming to?  Next, someone will tell me that my Seagull guitar, autographed personally by the famous Jonathan…"
7 hours ago
Marlene Hutchinson posted a blog post

Thursday "tip"

Use a music stand to hold your music.  When you have your music positioned lower than eye level you are actually causing a bit of strain to your neck and by simply using a music stand or a tabletop book stand to keep your music at eye level will help your neck to feel great while you're playing ~ so, heads up and eyes on the music!Play on...Marlene Marlene's Musicwww.marlenesmusic.comAs Seen On PBS, CBS, NBC,, theWiMN.com2014…See More
9 hours ago
Michael S. Jackson commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"Thanks, all. I have not been playing guitar, or doing much of anything, for the past couple of years or so but this guitar is getting me playing again. Great deal for the money. m"
9 hours ago
JOANNE OCONNOR posted a video
9 hours ago
Martin van Dooremalen commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"Michael, congrats on your Taylor 150e! I've had mine for almost 4 months now and love it. Easy playability, no intonation issues, and it stays in tune really well. I loved the Taylor 12's I tried and for me nothing else really compared,…"
9 hours ago





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New Acoustic Guitar Website!

We'd like to invite all members of the Acoustic Guitar Community to come check out the brand-new website at This is a completely redesigned home for Acoustic Guitar (and you!), full of great lessons, songs to play, guitar reviews, and more. You’ll see digital editions from the last two years of Acoustic Guitar magazine (available to…


Posted by Acoustic Guitar on March 29, 2013 at 3:30pm — 7 Comments

Return of The Banjo Killer, the final chapter. . .

Bryan Sutton and "Banjo Killer"; Medley: The Original Waltz/Old Lake. from Bourgeois Guitars on Vimeo.

The moment we've been waiting for: On Oct. 28, 2012, Bryan Sutton debuted the restored the Banjo…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on October 15, 2012 at 7:43pm

Day 16: The Banjo Killer slays again!

This story has a happy ending, folks, and I'll start with it. After working for three weeks to painstakingly restore Bryan Sutton's flood damaged Banjo Killer, Shin Ichikawa finally got to test drive it today! The entire shop stopped working to watch this exciting moment, after which Shin received a standing ovation (well, we were all standing anyway). …


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 13, 2012 at 9:00pm — 6 Comments

Day 15: The end is near. I can smell it.

Shin Ichikawa and I started the day by fitting and glueing the back binding. Last night's fitting of the top binding was tedious, but the tricks we learned made the fit of back binding go smothly. I am amazed at how cleanly both bindings look.  Some finish touch up will be required, but the overall appearance is more than…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 12, 2012 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

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Percussive acoustic guitar 7 Replies

Here is a link to my new song in this style. Please take a listen and let me know what you think."Happiness is...." By Daniel Melnyk.…Continue

Started by Dan Melnyk in Playing Guitar. Last reply by Tony K. 1 hour ago.

new to site plus beginner student 5 Replies

Hi All. I am pretty much a beginner in my playing skills but have been interested for a long time and have made some half hearted attempts in the past. this time around however things are starting to…Continue

Started by brian petersen in Beginners. Last reply by Daryl Kosinski 14 hours ago.

Nylon String Transducer Replacement Suggestions 1 Reply

I have the predecessor to the Takamine Hirade TH90,   but the stock palathetic pickup (Takamine proprietary 6-element pickup) has finally bit the dust.  However, there appears to be a…Continue

Tags: Takamine, Pickup, Tranducer, String, Nylon

Started by Joe Baldwin in Gear. Last reply by Tony K. yesterday.

Fingerpick shopping 1 Reply

Greetings and salutations. First post.  I am getting back into it after a long time out (like a generation),I expected to find retail fingerpick shopping as easy and varied as shopping for nails or…Continue

Tags: Fingerpicks

Started by Mark Gruber in Gear. Last reply by Jan Vigne yesterday.

Hello y'all, newbie about care of the guitar (seagull s6 orig) 5 Replies

Hello dear forum fellas, I'm new both in this forum and as a guitar owner. Thanks for letting me join this great community. I really like this forum's "atmosphere".I have recently bought a Seagull S6…Continue

Started by Francisco Espinosa in Beginners. Last reply by Francisco Espinosa yesterday.

Homemade line arrays 9 Replies

This summer's project was to build a set of line array speakers for our bluegrass band that would encompass a wider frequency range than my previously built set. If you are unfamiliar with line array…Continue

Started by DrGuitar in Gear. Last reply by DrGuitar on Sunday.

Songs To Play 21 Replies

Adding a section here to share links to tabs and videos of songs that are really nice to play on acoustic guitar. If you have some to share just add to this discussion.  I really don't have a lot of…Continue

Tags: and, Garfunkel, Simon, Play, to

Started by Phil Manuel in Playing Guitar. Last reply by Marty Sep 12.

Schertler dyn-g pickup 5 Replies

Thinking of taking my new guitar out to do a few local gigs but I don't want to star drilling holes in it so thought I might try a stick on pickup.Does anyone out there have any experience with a…Continue

Started by Mick Jones in Gear. Last reply by Judgestone Sep 7.

Landola Guitars? Can anyone help 16 Replies

I found this guitar at a pawn shop. Well made, for a reasonable price. Of course I bought it. I'd never heard of the company before, but the label says hand crafted, quality guaranteed. and for $300…Continue

Started by Corey Sechrest in Gear. Last reply by Rocky Sep 4.

Concerter Acoustic Guitars

Hello all,This is my first post on here and I need some answers please.First off, I am learning the guitar, I am 63 years old and I live in Ireland.  I`m having great fun with the learning!  Not…Continue

Started by Emmanuel Clancy in Gear Aug 30.


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