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FloridaGull commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"I guess that didn't work... :-("
4 minutes ago
FloridaGull commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"5 days left - the 230 is up to $90.00"
14 minutes ago
Mike Raeburn commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"Well, I had a Les Paul SG Custom that had a chip out of the back. I sent it to the Good Old Boys in the repair shop who re-sprayed and rebuilt it. I had them refinish it in Brunswick Bowling Ball Blue metal flake and have to say I was…"
2 hours ago
Gary McNaughton replied to Gary McNaughton's discussion Blue grass finger picking in the group Bluegrass (Pickers)
"Hi ! Thanks for replying I've just had a look at Wayne Henderson on youtube you're right he rocks. Thank you so much KEN! ps I'm useless with a pick Have a great weekend Ken! KIND REGARDS GARY :-)"
3 hours ago
Gary McNaughton replied to Gary McNaughton's discussion Blue grass finger picking in the group Bluegrass (Pickers)
"Thank s Jim ! I'll check those out I think I may have some of those on c d. Ps I really like Carter Stanley s singing. Thank you Jim! €:-) HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND"
4 hours ago
Chuck Hydrick replied to Nicolas Celle's discussion I'm selling my Seagull Excursion natural folk Isys+ - $289 in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"I picked up an Excursion Grand at a local shop and was terribly disappointed. Strummed about three chords and immediately hung it back on the wall. It sounded and felt like a toy. Maybe OK for learning but I wouldn't even have one as a…"
8 hours ago
Doug Young replied to JD Ellis's discussion A-Pipe Tuning in the group Alternate Tunings
"Gary, here's an article I wrote on EADEAE a long time back, with a few chords: An abbreviated version of this appeared in Fingerstyle Guitar. Pat Kirtley uses it a lot on his Kentucky…"
9 hours ago
Ken Bellingham replied to Gary McNaughton's discussion Blue grass finger picking in the group Bluegrass (Pickers)
"Hi Gary,    Lester Flatt played with a thumb pick and his index finger.  Look for some of the Flatt & Scruggs videos on youtube.  Also check out Wayne Henderson.  He is kind of phenomenal.  He plays fiddle tunes…"
9 hours ago
Jim Yates replied to Gary McNaughton's discussion Blue grass finger picking in the group Bluegrass (Pickers)
"You Are My Flower Earl Scruggs used finger picks to play tunes like You Are My Flower and Jimmy Brown The Newsboy.  It isn't Travis/Cotton style finger picking, but it's not flat…"
11 hours ago
Greg Ballantyne replied to Jack Slotterback's discussion Want to Trade My Maritime SWS Rosewood Q1 for S6+ some cash in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"My Maritime has a 1.8" but - I thought all of them did, or at least all the dreads"
11 hours ago
Ian Miller replied to Gary McNaughton's discussion Open C tuning in the group Alternate Tunings
"Hi Gary, I've used various sets of strings for alternate tunings that feature medium gauge strings for the low end and lights for the high end. The mediums for the low end are stiffer and work better for lower than standard tuning. Hope this is…"
12 hours ago
Dave Fengler commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"It says the content is unavailable or we don't have permission.  We may need to be a "friend" to see it. Are you on Facebook?  I think I found your wife through Jud."
12 hours ago
Alan Edmunds replied to Hoosier Picker's discussion Any bad experiences with Seagull 12 strings? in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Our 2 Seagull 6-string guitars have been Florida and back (southern Ontario) three times in the last 2 years, and our 3 Seagulls (12-string included this time) are about to go again. No issues whatsoever. Also, my 12-string and our other 2…"
12 hours ago
FloridaGull commented on Jud Hair's group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
13 hours ago
Dave Fengler commented on Acoustic Pickers's group Yamaha Guitars
"There was a mint FG-512 an hour from me for $200.  It's gone now.  ;?("
13 hours ago
Alan Land replied to Mike Bishop's discussion Time for a Change in the group Martin Owners
"I am pretty much done playing 1 11/16 nuts as well. I learned on a D28S with a 1 7/8 nut from 1969 that was unfortunately stolen. After a number of years on a standard D-28, I finally located a vintage D-35S that, with some setup work, has become my…"
13 hours ago
Gary McNaughton added a discussion to the group Bluegrass (Pickers)

Blue grass finger picking

I Was wondering if its possible to fingerpick Bluegrass guitar as im not very good with a pick!I love the Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Tony Rice All Stars ectKind RegardsGary :-)See More
13 hours ago
Jim McHie commented on James Sennett's group Martin Owners
"I just purchased a used 2004 HD-28, which is in excellent condition but if I had one quibble it would be that I think it was in or frequently played somewhere where there was smoking.  I am keeping it in the open for the time being.  I…"
14 hours ago
Gary McNaughton added a discussion to the group Alternate Tunings

Open C tuning

Hello! Does anybody use C tunings in there various forms? I mainly finger pick the guitar and I have tride some C tunings but suspect a thicker 6th string would need fitting? Would this be a good tuning for lap slide guitar? I normally use DADF#AD for that purpose .I would value your opinions. Thank you!RegardsGary :-)See More
14 hours ago
Jim McHie joined James Sennett's group

Martin Owners

For those who own one or more Martin guitars, those who want to own a Martin, or those who just like talking about Martins
14 hours ago





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Return of The Banjo Killer, the final chapter. . .

Bryan Sutton and "Banjo Killer"; Medley: The Original Waltz/Old Lake. from Bourgeois Guitars on Vimeo.

The moment we've been waiting for: On Oct. 28, 2012, Bryan Sutton debuted the restored the Banjo…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on October 15, 2012 at 7:43pm

Day 16: The Banjo Killer slays again!

This story has a happy ending, folks, and I'll start with it. After working for three weeks to painstakingly restore Bryan Sutton's flood damaged Banjo Killer, Shin Ichikawa finally got to test drive it today! The entire shop stopped working to watch this exciting moment, after which Shin received a standing ovation (well, we were all standing anyway). …


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Day 15: The end is near. I can smell it.

Shin Ichikawa and I started the day by fitting and glueing the back binding. Last night's fitting of the top binding was tedious, but the tricks we learned made the fit of back binding go smothly. I am amazed at how cleanly both bindings look.  Some finish touch up will be required, but the overall appearance is more than…


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Costly repairs, neck resets, etc. 10 Replies

A reputable luthier wants $525 (also informing me it, "could be more" depending on what they get into) for a neck reset.  They want another $525 for a re-fret and fretboard levelling.  I also need…Continue

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Interactive decorative inlay 1 Reply

I'm hoping you might like to hear about our unusual research project at the University of Nottingham in the UK. We've been creating an acoustic guitar with highly decorative inlay that you can scan…Continue

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I'm looking for info before selling my '89 Yamaha FG-450SA Acoustic Guitar 7 Replies

Hello Everyone!   *New Member*I searched throughout the forum to see if anyone else had a similar post, but to no avail...When I was 15 in '89 my Gran gifted me with a brand new Acoustic Yamaha…Continue

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How many guitars do you need?? 14 Replies

There's a nice interview with Tom Petty a few years ago in which he says they have about 144 guitars, but you only need one.  I have a good acoustic, a good electric, and something for the campfire…Continue

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Restoring an old 1960s guitar? Advice needed 1 Reply

Hey all So I bought a guitar today for R100 (say about $10) and I intend to restore it and return it to full working condition. The guitar I believe is a 1960s Bellini acoustic, they were…Continue

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Hand size and finger reach issues we`ve all had or still have. 19 Replies

I think this is a good place to ask about hand size and finger reach for the people who have smaller/bony fingers. If this is a reduntant thread, please redirect me to any former post.I`ve been…Continue

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Robbie Williams Angels 2 Replies

New member hoping for for help in regards to Robbie Williams Angels.  Its my 15 year anniversary coming up, the wedding song was Angels and I wanted to learn how to play it as a part of the…Continue

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Brazilian guitar 2 Replies

Hi there,Anyone here likes to play Brazilian music on the guitar? I'm asking because I'm starting a project to teach Brazilian guitar to English speakers and I'd like to know what people think about…Continue

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Stella Kwale scam? 3 Replies

I just joined AGC. I received a personal email from MrsStellaKwale. I did not reply thinking this is Troll or scam.

Started by Dan Stankard in Gear. Last reply by Simon Candy Oct 12.


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