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Robert Williamson replied to Blackback Gull's discussion Are We Allowed In??? in the group Small Body Guitars
"sign uP? In canada, medicare signs you.. okok poor take on the In Russia meme.."
3 hours ago
Robert Williamson replied to Robert Williamson's discussion Non-traditional FingerPick Designs in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"i received my 2ed set of Tone Deaf pics today. SO i proceed to modify a couple to be hopefully more accurate. "
5 hours ago
Derick Chatfield commented on GNuck's group Small Body Guitars
"Hi Robert Sounds like you have had a fun day, trying different guitars.  Can't be much help as not tried any of the guitars that you have tried. I like small body guitars, and play most days a Simon and Patrick, Woodland pro, parlour…"
6 hours ago
Robert Williamson commented on GNuck's group Small Body Guitars
"Fender Body Top: Laminated Agathis Agathis species are often called ‘kauri’/‘kaori’ or ‘dammar’/‘damar’ (from Polynesian and Malay words respectively), and the timber is sometimes referred to as…"
7 hours ago
Robert Williamson commented on GNuck's group Small Body Guitars
"I was looking at small, cheap, "decent" small bodies today... I tried these 3. Ibanez PN-1- NT $179CDN SPECS Yamaha APXT2 $219CDN SPECS Fender MA-1 $159 SPECS Tried all 3 today, 2 different dealers, I liked all three looks-wise in this…"
7 hours ago
Saul Kuciauskas updated their profile
9 hours ago
Mark Noel is now a member of Acoustic Guitar Community
10 hours ago
jon rubin commented on Tony Loeser's group Peninsula Fingerstyle
"down for Sun."
Dave Fengler replied to Dave Fengler's discussion Another rescue - a Seagull S12+ in the group "Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)
"Last night I was fine tuning the 3D CAD model for the new bridge and I wanted to see how the old one fit on the guitar, so I removed the top clamp.  The pin holes in the top are sloppy from having the pins using them to pull up the top.…"
Robert Williamson commented on John Wilson's group 12-String Guitar
"Attention FloridaGull, I went back to the pawn shop and took some poor pics of the Giannini 12 string. As i said previous it looks like it has taken some damage between heel and body on one side. The finish looks like it ran when it was applied,…"
Marlene Hutchinson posted a blog post

Thursday "tip"

Prevent slippery strings by wiping with a soft cloth.  Sometimes while playing we accumulate perspiration and natural finger oils on our strings and our fingers slip, especially when trying to manage chords, so simply stop your playing momentarily, wipe your strings and then continue to play ~ don't sweat it, just wipe your strings!Play on...Marlene…See More
jdjango replied to Dave Fengler's discussion Recording King ROS-16 in the group 12 Fret Guitars
" " My memory sucks, this makes it easy" LOL!!!!  Welcome to my world........."they say your memory is the first to go...and I don't remember the rest!""
Robert Williamson commented on Al Spohn's group 12 Fret Guitars
"oh look...12 frets.. and yet.. i still feel it is too long, because the optimum picking position is near bridge over the resonator, and get hand there, I'm forced to rest the guitar on my knee at lower bout, not at waist :("
Robert Williamson joined Al Spohn's group

12 Fret Guitars

For those of us that enjoy the play-ability of 12 fret guitars, whether they be "little" or dreadnaughts.  See More
Dave Fengler replied to Dave Fengler's discussion Recording King ROS-16 in the group 12 Fret Guitars
"The music room is a mess!!!!  There's stuff everywhere.  I need to get better organized. It's sort of a novelty.  I don't have anything worth any real money.  The most I've paid is $300, most $150 and under,…"
jdjango replied to Dave Fengler's discussion Recording King ROS-16 in the group 12 Fret Guitars
"Your music room must be fantastic!  When you start using a spreadsheet you've entered the realm of the serious collector!"
Elton Bloye replied to Elton Bloye's discussion Following His lead in the group Worship Leaders
"Hi Martin Well as it turns out, I need to slide into this ;) - Our teaching/preaching pastor has asked me to "check out" the other ministry to make sure its a good fit, before I dive in head first. The other guys in the band also started…"
Randy Lee Hano updated their profile
Doug Young commented on Tony Loeser's group Peninsula Fingerstyle
"Sounds like we're on at my place!"
Josep Ferrandiz commented on Tony Loeser's group Peninsula Fingerstyle
" Who needs 2 guitars for a duet?"





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New Acoustic Guitar Website!

We'd like to invite all members of the Acoustic Guitar Community to come check out the brand-new website at This is a completely redesigned home for Acoustic Guitar (and you!), full of great lessons, songs to play, guitar reviews, and more. You’ll see digital editions from the last two years of Acoustic Guitar magazine (available to…


Posted by Acoustic Guitar on March 29, 2013 at 3:30pm — 7 Comments

Return of The Banjo Killer, the final chapter. . .

Bryan Sutton and "Banjo Killer"; Medley: The Original Waltz/Old Lake. from Bourgeois Guitars on Vimeo.

The moment we've been waiting for: On Oct. 28, 2012, Bryan Sutton debuted the restored the Banjo…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on October 15, 2012 at 7:43pm — 1 Comment

Day 16: The Banjo Killer slays again!

This story has a happy ending, folks, and I'll start with it. After working for three weeks to painstakingly restore Bryan Sutton's flood damaged Banjo Killer, Shin Ichikawa finally got to test drive it today! The entire shop stopped working to watch this exciting moment, after which Shin received a standing ovation (well, we were all standing anyway). …


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 13, 2012 at 9:00pm — 6 Comments

Day 15: The end is near. I can smell it.

Shin Ichikawa and I started the day by fitting and glueing the back binding. Last night's fitting of the top binding was tedious, but the tricks we learned made the fit of back binding go smothly. I am amazed at how cleanly both bindings look.  Some finish touch up will be required, but the overall appearance is more than…


Posted by Bourgeois Guitars on July 12, 2012 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

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Tanglewood Roadster SFce (WARNING)

Please be aware that this guitar although advertised as a 43 mm NUT is actually barely over 41mm.... Tanglewood have not replied after 4 days and 4 emails to them... So take your little steel rule…Continue

Started by Paul Haldane in Gear on Tuesday.

Most underrated and overrated "Acoustic guitar" manufacturers 5 Replies

I saw a link to a similar thread on another guitar forum site, but the question was targeted at any guitar manufacturer.  Considering where we are here, I thought it would be interesting to hear…Continue

Tags: opinion, review, experience, manufacturer, guitar

Started by Tony K. in Gear. Last reply by Robert Alan Kershaw on Sunday.

Fret Width 6 Replies

Hi all... The problem is that I cant get my 3 fingers inbetween the frets after C barre chords..though I also have to finger a normal A chord differently too..My question is this.... Are there any…Continue

Started by Paul Haldane in Playing Guitar. Last reply by Paul Haldane on Sunday.

Dead spot or spots on a guitar question and experience or Thoughts? 11 Replies

Ok, so I just got this new guitar.  I did not notice until the next day, playing it at home that it had a "dead spot" on it.  I've never experienced this on a guitar before.  Ok, it's not completely…Continue

Tags: single, fret, note, decay., frequency

Started by Tony K. in Gear. Last reply by Tony K. May 23.

Sam Koontz Vintage Guitar? 31 Replies

I was wondering if anyone new of Sam Koontz or where I may be able to get info on him and his guitars. I own one of his guitars and know nothing of it or him. I have no Idea of its value etc. I am…Continue

Started by Richie Hunley in Gear. Last reply by Wayne Wesley Johnson May 18.

The now mythical power switch 11 Replies

Am I the only person tired of unplugging cables to turn off guitar pre-amps, pedals and whatever else the manufacture thinks this idea a convenience? ?Today i received my Boss RC 30 looper and the…Continue

Started by Robert Williamson in Gear. Last reply by Robert Williamson May 13.

Identify Guitar Logo 3 Replies

Can anyone identify this guitar logo?Continue

Started by Terry Flaningam in Uncategorized. Last reply by Robert Williamson May 11.

How's the Taylor Baritone 8 string guitar? Fascinated to try one. 15 Replies

I play a Taylor 410 ce and am in love with it. Am fascinated by the Taylor baritone. What are they like? I haven't seen one on a shop in London yet. We get everything late over here!CheersConorContinue

Tags: string, 8, baritone, Taylor

Started by Conor Doherty in Gear. Last reply by James St. Clair May 5.

Colour The Mundane, for fans of Nick Drake

Hey! Just became a member here. Thought I'd share some of my music. Hope you like it!

Tags: bridges, fingerstyle, singer-songwriter, mundane, the

Started by Patrik Andersson in Playing Guitar May 4.

Sigma guitars 1 Reply

Does anyone have expertise?

Started by Jfever in Gear. Last reply by Blackback Gull Apr 30.


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