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I am having trouble posting pics check out the link, but wanted to show you my old seagull...Done by a local artist. I really am happy with it and is one I will pass down..I am an amature  player for about 20 years LOL I know just enough to keep the strings from rusting. I have had it for about 5 years and play it everyday...

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How's that? ;-)

Wow! that thing is gorgeous! Are the designes carved into the wood or painted? Does it effect the sound at all? Details please =)

It is all hand painted, mainly off white and black, the brown you see is the natural cedar top incorporated into the design.Also a very light clear coat. As far as sound it has made no detectable change this was a concern of mine and the artist Justin Potts took it very seriously and did a great detailed job.Going to put new tusq saddle and bridge pins and would really like to add a Lr Baggs anthem pickup but will have a fair amount of money in a not so expensive guitar but , I really like it I guess that's the most important. I also have a standard S6 I had done from a different artist will show soon.Thank you Floridagull for the pic help.


Here's the other one


You're welcome :-)

Here's number 2:

Does the artist paint only Seagulls?

That is an awesome looking guitar Ron. Don't think I could put my Lowden through with it - but you've got me thinking about my old Takamine. Amazing job.


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