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Hi everyone, I've got two questions about baritones and I'd love some advice from you all. I've decided to buy myself a baritone, and I've heard a lot that pretty much all factory made baritones under £3000 are fairly low quality compared to standard tuned guitars of a similar price (taylor, martin etc..). Apparently  off-the-shelf baritones sound loud but fairly dull, undefined and empty in the bass, and without much in the way of trebles. I've also been told that for this reason for under £3000 the only good baritone you'll find will be a custom, luthier made one. Now, I've found a luthier who'll build me one for £2500 and I'm perfectly prepared to pay this, but I don't want to look back in  a year and think "you know, a decent factory made one would have been just as good as this, and a lot cheaper"! So my question is this- is it true that factory made, off-the-shelf acoustic baritone guitars under £3000 to £4000 are  just not going to be up to standard, and I'd be better off getting one handbuilt for me for around £1000 more? The main factory made one I've been considering is a Yairi YB 1, for around £1500, £1000 less than a custom made one, but I've heard its been discontinued- anyone know if this is the case?? If anyone can recommend any other off-the-shelf, factory made baritone they've tried which blew them away and might rival a handbuilt instrument I'd also love to know! Any guidance , advice or any light anyone can shed on my decision at all would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot guys :)

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Hi Daniel. Check out the Taylor Baritones - 6 & 8-string (middle strings are paired in octaves on the 8), solid Indian Rosewood b&s and solid Sitka top, bone saddle.  If you like them you could save a lot of cash.

Doug Young, editor from Acoustic Guitar Magazine, likes the GS8. I think it sounds great on the video!

If I had $3000 (about £1913!) to spend, I would grab one! But, your opinion may differ. Here's the Acoustic Guitar link:

Happy hunting :-)

Thanks a lot Dan I'll check that out :)

I´ve sent You a PM! But I forgot to link a video... so I do it from here:



thanks I'll have look! :)


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