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I am playing an acoustic guitar with a Seymour Duncan Woody SC Single-Coil sound hole pickup thru a Roland Cube 15 amp and not getting much output. I have to crank up the volume to max to get enough volume to be heard in a room holding maybe 200 people and no other instruments. I figure I needed a preamp. I had read on another site that you could build a preamp out of a smaller amp by "rerouting the out-to-speaker wires to the big amp's input and rerouting the small amp's input to be the big amp's input." But then someone else said this was not possible. The site also said that "virtually any electronic device that projects sound has the basis of a pre-amp." Is it as simple as it sounds or should I just go buy a preamp? Any suggestions on a good inexpensive preamp ($100 or less)?

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Hmm, is a battery required for the Seymour sound hole pickup?  Have you checked Seymour Duncan's website for a possible solution?  Try emailing SD - they are good with responding to emails with technical questions.


At first I though maybe you needed a DI box but that is usually when you are plugging into a PA system, not a guitar amp.  Does the amp have multiple inputs?  If so, you want to use the Hi-Z/Instrument input.



I have tried a lot of DI boxes and found the cheap Behringer Acoustic Modeler/DI box to be the most responsive and pretty much rivals very expensive DI boxes or Xciter Pedals.  It has 1/4" input/outputs as well as XLR outputs.  This way you can use it either way for into an amp or out to a PA, or both. You also might want to look into the BBE Sonic Stomp.  I actually use both but honestly the Behringer works best.
hey Judgestone do you use that direct box if you are going right into the amp from guitar and if you do what does it do and how does it help?thanks Davey

A single-coil soundhole PU should work just fine; it's essentially an electric guitar pickup.

How is the distance from the pole pieces to the strings?   That can make a big difference.

My setup is an ABC Morley ABC Box, that A goes to my electric chain and an electric amp and B goes to another electric pedal chain, and C goes directly into an acoustic amp. When I play my acoutics I will normally stereo my acoustic "C" chain and acoustic amp with the "A" electric chain and I have the DI box at the end of the chain and run it into my electric amp, or when I just use the electric amp for my acoustic.


Also, I actually use it with my telecaster's single coil pickups when I want a "clean" sound from them.  It boost their signals beautifully.


I have used it into a PA and it sounds great.  It should work great with the guitar going straight into the DI box and DI out straight to an electric amp.  It muddies up going into an acoustic amp, but does what it's supposed to do into an electric amp.

Did it work before now using this setup .Playing to 200 people with an amp that size is a big ask . Are you using acoustic or electric strings on the guitar ? What kind of solo act are you doing .
I had a sd woody,a few years ago.It was just not up to the job.Over the years i have struggled to find any sort of pick up for acoustic guitars that are any good.Most are ok at low volumes but just do not work well when you need to be heard outside the rehearsal room.When reviewing electro acoustics most magazines mention the plugged in sound as an afterthought.I have been thinking about buying online a Yamaha ntx 1200 nylon model guitar.Ihave found three on line reviews,all three reviews demonstrate the guitar without using the on board preamp.Imust assume it's because it is no good.This guitar retails in the uk for about a thousand pounds.When will the manufactures realise we buy electro acoustics because we need to be heard.Back to the woody its output was never enough whether through an amp or directly through the pa system,and i'm only talking about small to medium venues. Sorry to sound so negative but be careful what you buy,it's easy to waste your money when trying for a good acoustic sound through any sort of amp or pre amp .Any success stories out there?
I have found that the cheap seymour duncan mavericks and the Lace California soundhole pickups work great and they are cheaper than most.  Granted I do enhance the sound with numerous pedals and eq's.  I would use them versus expensive ones any day with the setup I have, and not because I am a mizzer or something, but just because I can't tell the difference when side by side with my setup.

Also, some of you have seen this vid I made, but I am using an Epi EJ-200, with a cheap Lace California soundhole pickup and running through and electric chain, with reverb, delay, and some O/D using the Behringer DI box to two high end tube heads and cabs.  Excuse my playing but it gives a pretty decent sound.  Some may be going for a more acoustic sound but it can be achieved with some knob tweaking.

I have found that a 15 watt tube is enough volume for a crowd that size ( Fender Pro Junior ) but I have to have at least 50 watts to get loud enough with a solid state amp ( Marshall AS50R ). I play acoustic in church with a crowd of approx. 200 and both the amps I mention work great. I play lower end Takamines with onboard pre amps and piezo pickups.


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