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I haven't been able to get a definitive answer about re-stringing a guitar. All the strings at once or 1 at a time. It's easier all at once, but I've been told it is hard on the neck. I've also been told by some very long time players that it is quite all right to do them all at once. Any input will be very much appreciated.

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Changing all the strings at once is not a problem if done in a short period of time. If you take all the strings off and go have lunch, then you are likely to have to retune the guitar more times than if you changed them one at a time or immediately put on the new strings right after taking the old ones off.

As far as easier, I'm not sure what makes this so? No matter how you look at it, you are removing 6 strings and putting on 6 strings? As far as time, there should be no difference whatsoever. Am I missing something?

IMO, replacing one string at a time limits the likelyhood of any problems. For one, the tension on the neck will remain relatively the same throughout the process. This reduces the number of times you'll have to tune the guitar till the neck re-adjusts itself, if at all. You are less likely to loose an end pin too. Doesn't take much to have a string swing around and knock them on to the floor.

I would recommend at least once a year removing all the strings an doing a generic cleaning of everything - fret board, frets, all the dust that builds up around the tuning posts and behind the nut, tightening the tuning post nuts and applying a small amount of lemon oil to the fretboard.

Everythng you said makes sense. Thank you very much.
I do three ata time only because I want to, but there is no reason anymore not to be able to do them all at once unless you are dealing with a AE its the only time you might want to do them one at a time to prevent the saddle from moving and changing the angle on your under saddle pick-up.
So beyond that todays guitars are not like the old ones from days past where the tension might have played a factor.Ship
Thank you, that was my concern.
Most of the time I do one at a time, because I'm lazy and just retune the string as I change it, but from time to time I remove them all, wipe down the guitar and restring, either way I haven't had any problems.
Good to know. Thanks.
Taylor Guitars has a pretty cool video on Youtube (go here to see it) demonstrating how they string guitars in their factory using a motor winder, and they make the statement that it's just fine to remove all the strings when re-stringing. Their restringing technique works great!
I'll watch it right now. Great source of info. Thank you so much. If you can't believe the makers, who can you believe. Thanks again.
Who can you believe if not the guitar makers, this is to easy.
US we play em and they build them.ship
right you are!!!
Most luthiers I know remove all 6 and replace. While not necessarily a time saver, it gives full access to fretboard and frets for examination, filing, conditioning, cleaning, etc. As said below, as long as you aren't keeping it unstrung for an excessive number of hours or days, there is no harm to the neck or guitar.
Good to hear. Thank you.


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