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Recently picked this Takamine EF341 (used). It has the turquoise inlays on the fretboard, around the sound hole and logo on the head stock. Guitar is in excellent condition and plays like a champ but I can't seem to find any information on the origin of this guitar, year produced, was it a limited run, etc.


Any information is appreciated but the 411 is solely for my own historical enjoyment of my new addition to the fold.


Thanks in advance.


John (JG3)

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  EF341 is one of Takamine's "pro series" models, they sell for around $1200 at most shops, go to the site and in guitar search put in the serial number and you should be able to find the info your looking for

Thanks for the reply Rebelpicker!

I've been to the Takamine site many times and even looked under the archived section but don't have this guitar's exact serial number (will examine the guitar closer to see if I find it) so could not find this peticular version of the EF341. I also have the EF381 so my familiarity with this guitar in general is good, just having trouble finding the one with these turquoise inlays.


Thanks again



John, maybe it was a custom job . Even the tuner knobs look very untraditional for a Tak .

Thanks Rich. The tuner knobs are a white opalesque type of material and not like the tuner knobs on my EF381. the person I bought this from said he purchased the guitar from Guitar Center over 10 years ago so not sure how many special runs GC did or had done for them but alas, to date I have found out nothing about this guitar other than the obvious stuff. It does play spectacularly like most Tak's and has quickly become a favorite to pick up and play!

Takamine had or has a series of guitars called (Santa Fe) offered in several of their body styles . The turquoise inlays and various appointments are particular to that line .

That would seemingly make alot of sense. Doesn't sound like it increases the guitars value in any way which is no boig deal as I bought it to use and enjoy which I am doing! - thanks!


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