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I was a member here years and years ago, before the AG forum changed to this new format and we all had to renew everything. I'm sure there are others here from the "time before".

Do any of you remember the thread about some poor dude who put his acoustic in the stand during break at a gig and some drunk wandered over and barfed right in the sound hole of the instrument? I remember that thread went for a couple of years! There were all kinds of remedies suggested from Fabreeze to apple slices to Baking Soda and the like. I remember the individual wound up trading it for another guitar at a guitar shop before the unsuspecting salesperson got a nose in the sound hole.

A friend of mine over at the Gibson Acoustic Forum has a similar problem. He says "I'm getting the feeling the last owner wouldn't let go of it after he/she croaked (and I may be the same!), and said croaking was done in a pile of puke, which (possibly after they sawed the owner's fingers off to release the guitar), was put back in the guitar case pukey wet?"

Wouldn't it be a kick in the head if this were the same guitar?

This forum used to have an archived thread section. Are the old threads still preserved somewhere? 

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I think that was before my time, but Oh My God what a story!

One more reason for me to keep playing my Ovations with the epaulets versus sound hole, smaller puke target! :) 

I came across that thread in the "Gear Hall of Fame" section last year. I couldn't believe how long that went on! You can probably still find it. It's a classic. It would be a crazy coincidence if that was the same guitar!

@Mark: I never thought of Ovations as having a smaller puke target, but there you go:-)!

We should alert their marketing department to this as of yet unpromoted feature!

Hey Doug, I'm a new meber, and was drawn to your discussion by the word "barf". Recently I stopped at a local guitar shop

on Rt. 53, in Pembroke, MA, which will go un named. They are purveyors of a guitar line named Bay State/ Wells. For the

prices asked, these guitars are just dreadful. Buyers beware. ..... More to your discussion topic, the old addage, keep the

guitar in the case at all times when it's not being used, is obviously one of the first rules we all learn at one time or another.


As he has done on at least one other forum,  Dana Atanian only likes to recite his side of story.

Mr. Atanian indeed visited my shop.  He tried several guitars including Gibsons and Martins before trying a Bay State.  He played it for a while, commented on nicely it played and how nice it sounded.  He ultimately decided that he would like to purchase it, went home and returned with a 1970 Martin 00-18 as a potential trade-in.  He claimed it was a 1969, but that really doesn't matter.  The guitar had seen better days, rather beat up and had a crack in the side of the lower bout.  Mr.  Atanian immediately claimed the crack had been "professionally" repaired, however there was no repair evident (such as a cleat) inside the guitar.   Despite it's relatively poor condition, I offered Mr. Atanian $1,000 as a trade value towards the $2,500 Bay State that he liked.  He accepted,  paid the balance of $1,500 and left with a new, warrantied custom built guitar with AAAA Koa back and sides.  

The next day Mr. Atanian called me at the shop and commented that he had spent some time playing the guitar, that he had made some recordings with it, and wanted me to know how pleased he was with it.   

The following day he returned to the shop and announced he didn't want it.  Didn't "work" for him he said. I asked him what he would like to do and he said he wanted his money back.   I told him I would refund his money but would charge a $50 fee.  He didn't like that.  Told me that Guitar Center lets him try them for 30 days before he has to return them.  Told him I a small, cash flow type shop and am not Guitar Center.    I asked him if my offer to refund all but $50 was ok with him.  He responded with an agitated "I don't like it".    There was another customer in the shop during these exchanges who is witness to it all.   I responded with an equally agitated, "Well that's too bad".   He responded with "What did you say?".     The exchanges were escalating in intensity so I decided to just give him a full refund. While I was getting his money, he whispered to the other customer in the shop, "Don't buy anything here".

He left with his $1,500 and his old, beat up Martin.   The next day he posted a long rant on another forum with negative comments about me and Bay State guitars.  Never talked about the beat up old Martin.  Made it sound like I refused to give him $2,500 back which is being totally dishonest.   He also tried to educate everyone reading the forum about bolt on necks versus dovetailed, glued necks and how high end builders (gave Collings as one example)  have such nice "sound" due to the glued, dovetailed necks.  Also recommended Taylor.   Only problem with Mr. Atanian's expert opinions is that both Collings and Taylor use bolt-on necks on their acoustic guitars. 

Mr. Atanian certainly has a right to his opinion and a right to choose whatever guitar he wants.  I would simply suggest that he not become so confused with his facts.  I also find it offensive that after receiving his full refund, he still feels it is necessary to make disparaging  comments about people and subjects that he obviously has very little knowledge of.


BTW ...  After Mr. Atanian left the shop, the other customer picked up the guitar, played it for a while, then said, "So what's his problem with this guitar?   It's beautiful!"

I ended up lowering the price on the guitar a bit because I could no longer honestly say it had never been privately owned.   It sold a week and a half later.

Thanks for allowing "my side".



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