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Hey all,

As an online guitar instructor, I especially love creating beginner-friendly lessons and resources that focus on getting right into enjoying the music, even on a pretty basic level.

I just wanted to let you know I've just published a songbook and instructional DVD called 

The Easiest Holiday Songs Ever for Guitar: 12 Classics You Can Play with Just 3 Easy Chords.

The whole collection can be played with just the chords G, C, and D.

There are free sample songs available at the site, if you'd like to give it a try.

Also, just posted some sample video lessons for easy holiday guitar songs here on Acoustic Guitar. Enjoy!

Best wishes, 


Lisa McCormick

Getting Started With Guitar

Lessons, Resources, and Goodies for Guitar Learners

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Hi Lisa I wondered a while back if you were still with us, great video for my students and nice Masterbilt Epi you are playing it on, thanks and have a happy christmas time and all the best in the new year to you.Ship
I just started on your 3 gift songs. THANKS!!! My major problem as a newbie is to pick up and MAINTAIN a good strum. I'll hit it again today. Thanks a Bunch, Lisa and Merry Christmas! Dean BTW, I too, like your Masterbuilt.........maybe someday I'll deserve one.
Hey Dean,

I hear you about the strum thing. Do you try playing along with other people and/or videos? On my beginner videos and in beginner lessons I intentionally keep the strum simple and super-structured, so as to give people something really specific to aim for and try to lock in with. If you're playing alone, it can be hard to maintain that momentum and structure on your own.

I've got free YouTube vids for each of the Christmas songs you got the music for if you want to give that a try. Here's The First Noel, for starters.
Thanks Lisa.......I'll give them a try. Living in northern Wisconsin in the middle of the northwoods/nowhere, it's hard to find someone to play along with. I usually try to play along with my iPod. It helps, but I don't have all the music on the iPod. My coach and I get together about once a month or so. It helps and is a riot. But we need to do it more often. Dean

Hi Lisa, I'm living in the Dominican Republic and I have hit a wall as far

as instructors are concerned here on the Island. I still practice each day

for 30 minutes but I need more structure. I've researched the Gibson's Learn & master Guitar Book and CD / DVD

package and I was wondering have you heard of it? Is it worth the investment?

Hi George,

I do not have personal experience with that book, but Gibson is the real deal and I would trust them to put out a good product.

Also, I teach online at GuitarTricks, which offers some very structured courses via the internet. I don't want to get commercial here on this forum, but if you'd like more info or a pass for a 2-week free trial, please email directly at

Keep me posted!

Best - Lisa


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