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I am thinking of buying a 12 string to add some options for songwriting and recording projects. I am looking for something that plays well (many 12 strings are a bear), intonates well, sounds good, and has electronics. I am OK with either a solid or laminate guitar if it fits the criteria. Any suggestions.

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Hey there Tom


I looked and looked just like you. I Played every 12 string I could get my hands on and I could not find a 12 string that I liked, that felt comfortable, and had the sustain I was looking for. Then I came across Walden Guitar,  They have some great Guitars I found the Natura Series D552,, and it was every thing I was looking for and more. a couple of my frineds have played it and they are inpressed what a great feeling guitar it is it is very playable and it is afordable. I did not find a guitar near this price that played like it. I would put it up against some of the Breedlove and Martin, Lower end of coarse guitars and I think it would hold its own.  Needless to say I have now been so lucky as to add it to my collection Merry Christmas to me.  I wish you luck in your quest for your new 12 string and I hope this helps you to see that there are some great guitars out there and you don't need to spend a fortune to get a good Solit Top 12 string.  Good Luck and a very happy and Guitar Filled New year to you.



George -

I am considering a Walden T550 for my daughter for her birthday (February 21st).  Unfortunately, I have no near-to-me Walden dealer.  I've seen no bad reviews, however, and it seems similar to a Taylor GS Mini, but at significantly lower cost.  Have you seen/played a Walden T550 in your travels? 

Here's a nice Breedlove 12:

And the link:

Not under $1,000 :-(

I have not played the T550. I did however play the lower line the D550 and thought it to be a nice feel. I have been very inpresse by Walden and the other new comer LAG. they both seem to be very well built guitars at a lower price point but with great quality, sound and a wonderful feel on the Neck. and the Walden guitars try to be a responsible guitar company and use Renewable resources where ever possible.  if you get the T550 Drop me a line and let me know what you think of it. If it has the quality of my new D512 I am sure you will be happy with the new guitar.  as for the Breedlove. yes they are great guitars. but at a much higher price point but they are both Chinese maid and US set up and quality control. I wanted the Breedlove but when I played the Walden with its price difference and great sound it won out.

Thanks George!  I just posted the Breedlove picture because it is a 12-string guitar discussion...I already have my Giannini Craviola... :-)

I recommend the Martin D12X1AE ... sells on the street for only about $700 and has a great sounding solid sitka top.  Curiously though, the reason I like this particular 12-string is because of the non-traditional construction.  I think that all the material issues that usually steer people away from the "X" series Martins, become beneficial in the 12-string.   It has a practically indestructible stratabond neck and the back and sides are made of super-durable high-pressure laminate (HPL) which in my personal opinion should help to withstand the greater string tension that is present in a 12-string when tuned to pitch.  And ... onboard electronics are included!


Check it out here:

Turns out the dealer I bought a Taylor from also sells Walden. I will have to check them out. I'll probably try to spend a little more time with the Martin as well. I did play it but at the time I wasn't considering purchasing a 12 string. Thanks for the suggestions.

A 12-string is a whole different and wonderful animal!  Happy Hunting!

If you see a Walden T550, give it a play for me... ;-)

I will do that.


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