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I began playing acoustic guitar...then switched to electric. Over the years, I've played either according to the situation, but I sat in and played lead for a blues group last summer, and they insisted I play only acoustic. I've only played acoustic since.

I have an old D 18 Martin, and since summer, I bought a used Sigma DR 41, a Martin DCX1E (which is great for gigs), a Martin D16RGT and a Martin 000X1. I've been pretty partial to Martins, but our local store just got some Blueridge guitars in and they blow me away. Two models are mahogany laminate back and sides with spruce tops and they sound amazing. The one I'm looking at is a BR 160 which is a lot like a higher end Martin that I can't afford. It's got solid spruce and rosewood, dovetail neck and plays beautifully and sounds sweet and louder than any guitar I have.

Anyone else have any experience with Blueridge guitars? Are the necks stable? What is the warranty like? How well do they age?

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I picked up a BR-180 and had a LR Baggs Anthem installed--and yes it does BOOM.  The secret of course is in EQ.  Since the Anthem doesn't really have an EQ--just volume and mix between microphone and transducer--you need to EQ it somewhere.

I use A MXR 10 band EQ right on my acoustic pedal board.  It works better than anything I have ever tried--the bad news is it uses an 18v wall wart (that comes with it).  MXR also has a DC Brick power supply that can work anywhere in the world with both 9 and 18v outputs.

What I really like about the Blueridge is the POWER this thing projects--everything else I plug in sounds "thin" comparatively--it's like plugging your iPod into a clock radio then plugging it into a high dollar Bose sound system.

My acoustic amps I simply set all the EQ flat and just use the MXR--in the studio I engage the lo-cut switch to reduce some of the power projection for recording.

My biggest use is live solo singer/guitar using an AKG stage condenser mic and pushing it all through a Digitech Vocalist LIve into either an acoustic amp or PA.  The AKG is so "present" vocally it really needed a guitar there too--this was it.


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