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I test drove a Blueridge BG160. It's a Chinese Gibson j45 clone & it plays & sounds the part. Made of all solid woods but at only $650.00 it's almost too good to be true. Tuners seem a bit rickety, but that will be an easy fix. Any Blueridge testimonials/ horror stories out there?

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HI Richard,

I bought a new Blueridge BR 70 about three years ago. It's been a great guitar, very playable, excellent tone, not the absolute best tone I ever heard, but perfectly suitable for most uses. It's a copy of the D-45 Martin in many but not all respects. This guitar has laminated "Brazilian"(some kind of SA rosewood) back and sides, which might not be as resonant as solid wood, but I'm perfectly satisfied and somewhat impressed with the fit and build of this $600.00 guitar. One of my favorite features is the incredibly durable finish; I'm a little rough with guitars and this one has never suffered a chip or crack no matter what it bangs against. It stays in tune forever. I have it set up with an LRBaggs soundhole mic and it amps and records very well. I couldn't find any fault at all except sometimes the no-name tuners are a little stiff, but no big deal at all. I would definitely recommend this guitar over all the comparably priced Canadian/American-made or American-brand foreign-made guitars I have tried.

Good luck



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