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Bob Dylan NEVER would have been successful were he not also a GREAT guitar player...discuss..

One of my pet peeves is that Dylan so rarely receives mention for his guitar playing skills. But if you listen to Freewheelin' and The Times They Are a-Changin' (both solo acoustic albums for those not familiar)  you will hear what I am talking about...his playing absolutely makes those songs listenable. It is percusive, his basslines drive the songs forward, and his timing is superb.

   Later, of course, when he "went electric", it may not be as noticeable, largely because he surrounds himself with a bunch of great musicians. But the early folk movement launched him, and the inherant "listenability" of those songs just draws you in. I mean lets face it it wasn't his voice...

   I kind of think we don't comment on his guitar skills because of his writing; because he is freaking Shakespeare, we have tended to focus in on that.  Does this seem reasonable? How come we don't idolize Bob the guitar player?

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I totally agree that he is a fine player and gets overlooked for it by his songwriting abilities.  I think the modern day Dylan's are Stoney LaRue, and Ryan Bingham.  Both just are amazing players, but are known for their voices or writing ability.  Both put on amazing shows and show all their guitar skills off during them.

I am ashamed to say I am not familiar with either of those names...will check them though...thanks!!! Josh


Have you ever thought about going out to Texas (Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Gruene, Ft Worth, Dallas, Houston) to where the music you play/like is appreciated, and widely played on the radio; and the guys make good money?

Here are a few online stations that you may appreciate:

KHYI The Range - Ft Worth

KNBT - New Braunfels

I have a friend who is a professional photographer who was Joe's house photographer in Chicago, and a few other locations and photographed all the Red Dirt Artist,  He was living in Michigan, and said to heck with it and moved to San Antonio Texas and now has a booming business with all the artist out there.  He is now the house photographer for Cowboy's Dance Hall in San Antonio, and does all the festivals and travels with a lot of the guys.

Also, you may want to check out Galley Winter, the place for all Texas Artist and Music.

Another great YouTube Channel is:  TXMusicTV

Seems to me a lot of good players are overlooked because of how good the songwriting is versus how good the players are. One of my favorites, Lindsay Buckingham, is never really mentioned in discussions on great guitarists, yet everyone acknowledges how great Fleetwood Mac's songs are. Take a close listen to their music, and some of his guitar parts are absolutely amazing...

Hey Lindsay is a really great player; I see where he might not have gotten his due because that band as a unit was so strong - you appreciated them for their collective sound. Springsteen, same deal... 

Im glad that I am not the only one who appreciates Lindsay Buckinghams mastery of the guitar. I love to hear him play. 

Don't know if your a Lincoln Durham fan, but dude can play the crap out a guitar and writes amazing tunes, and I'll add Ray Wylie Hubbard to the list.  He plays a great guitar and it's hard to beat his writing ability.  His son Lucas is only 16 and will be the next big name.  If your an electric fan Gary Clark, Jr. is tearing it up down this way.  Also hard to beat Todd Snider all the way around.  Why leave Jason Isbell out of some of the best at both.

I can't leave one of my best friends out of this list of great guitarist and songwriters:  Cody Canada from Cross Canadian Ragweed and Cody Canada and The Departed.  I was just talking to him today.

Forgot The Band Of Heathens, and I forgot my other buddy Jason Eady.  Jason is amazing and a damn fine guy and hometown dude.  Here's a whole band that are amazing players and songwriters:  Midnight River Choir

I am going to check all of those guys, thanks for the current dude I am listening to and trying to cop his style is Dwight Yoakam and his solo album, which is a really great example of the Bakersfield sound.

Thats who made me wanna play in the first place. So much great stuff from him.

AND he just keeps on rolling doesn't he? Another new studio album coming out soon..


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