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Chat with Dean Markley and Greg Farres of UltraSound Amps, Experts in Acoustic Sound

Chat live with Dean and Greg from 10am-12pm Pacific Time (12 - 1 pm CST and 1 - 3 pm EST). Any questions entered on 11/23 and 11/24 will also be answered by Dean or Greg so that everyone gets a chance to participate no matter what their time zone or work schedule.

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UltraSound Amplifiers is now proud to be a Dean Markley owned company.
Early in 1998, UltraSound produced its first acoustic amplifier. UltraSound saw a need in the acoustic amplification market—for an acoustic amplifier that would replicate the exact tone of the guitar and other acoustic instruments. Through thousands of hours of fine tuning circuitry and testing and designing hundreds of different speaker configurations and sizes, the marvelous transparent acoustic tone that UltraSound Amplifiers are known for was achieved. [Read more.]

Born in the tiny farming town of Bennington, Kansas (population 650), Dean Markley picked up his first guitar at age sixteen and played for three years in local bands before going to work for the Bowman Music Company in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1969, a single 45-minute phone call convinced Dean to pack his bags and come out west, where he ran the Santa Clara location of Roger Calkins’ music store for two years, selling instruments and equipment to the thriving bay area music scene. [Read more.]

Greg Farres was born in Salina, Kansas on January 9th, 1959. In 1979 Greg Graduated from Kansas State Technical College with a Degree in Electronics.

In the fall of 1979 Greg began work for JMF Electronics, in Salina, Kansas, as an electronics technician testing and repairing digital scales and guitar tuners. After about a year JMF designed it’s first guitar amplifiers. These were known as the JMF Spectra series amplifiers. After a successful launch of around 10 guitar amp models, including Bass amps and PA systems, Dean Markley purchased JMF Electronics in 1983. The company then became known as Dean Markley Electronics, Inc.. Greg stayed on with the company as a technician and eventually became plant manager. Along with managing the plant, Greg worked side by side with Dean Markley to develop the Dean Markley Signature Series amplifier line as well as the K-Series amp line, and established overseas manufacturing support for the K-Series line. In 1992 Dean Markley sold their electronics division and Greg moved on to a manufacturing job in Des Moines, Iowa with UJC Electronics. [Read more.]

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You need an amp with cutting power, and that has the right frequencies to cut through. I need to take a quick look at the Genz Benz LT150 (I'm sorry too!!! :-) ) and will be right back.
I can't seem to find much info on the Genz Benz LT150. What are the particulars on that amp?
That is a good question for your readers to know the answer to. First, believe it or not, some brands lie about their power ratings. Others, will rate them at peak power, which is about 40% more (but not really) than the actual RMS power. Also, it REALLY depends on how efficient the speakers are. That is probably the biggest thing. Don't mean to plug ourselves here, but why not!!! :-) UltraSound uses very efficient speakers in all of our amps. Greg did a fantastic job of researching and finding super efficient speakers. Just listen to our AG30 and now the new AG15. Lower power, but they are loud for an acoustic amp. And . . . . most important, they sound like your guitar, just louder. I rambled, but I hope I answered the initial question. There is a lot to it.
I have a Pro Mag Gold Pickup. BTW, the sound is wonderful, very natural. I want to get one for my Alvarez 12 string but the sound hole is larger and the pickup won't stay in place. Do you make ones with larger wood frames, or is there an adapter I can get?
Sorry, they are all made the same size. There is probably a way to do what you want. I need to give that some thought. I'll get back with you, if I get it figured out. We do have the Tahoe pickup which would fit!!!! Check out the Dean Markley site to see it. is actually a better picture!!!!!
How does the sound of the Tahoe XM compare to the Promag Gold? I don't want to give up that natural sound.
Here is the proposed Breaking ad for the CD60 amp. Hope it shows!!!
Hi Dean,

Can you comment at all on the line of acoustic guitars you're developing?

Thanks! Bob
I've been keeping that a secret from the general public. I've been doing beta testing and sales with people I know and meet here in the San Jose area. I've sold quite a few and EVERYONE loves them. That is one on the Acoustic Guitar Giveaway on the top of this page. That is the Mahogany model with pickup. It is a take off of the Gibson J160E which John Lennon played, except mine are bookmatched Spruce top, back and sides. Ebony Fretboard and bridge. Fantastic sound!!!! Sound and looks are what my guitars are about. There is one in an ad for UltraSound which appeared in AGM a few months ago. I'll try to find it and attach it here.
Thanks! Hope they'll be available in Vancouver or Seattle - I'd love to hear your take on the Gibson J160E!
Good Afternoon Dean,

Quick question do all of your pick-ups work on both 6 and 12 strings?

They do as long as the fit in the soundhole. We also make Under The Bridge Saddle pickups. They work on ALL guitars!!!! That would be the Sweet Spot, and the Barstow passive or Active. We also have an end pin which has a preamp in it. It is two channels. Called the Gold River Accelerator Jack. On Dean Markley site.


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