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Chat with Dean Markley and Greg Farres of UltraSound Amps, Experts in Acoustic Sound

Chat live with Dean and Greg from 10am-12pm Pacific Time (12 - 1 pm CST and 1 - 3 pm EST). Any questions entered on 11/23 and 11/24 will also be answered by Dean or Greg so that everyone gets a chance to participate no matter what their time zone or work schedule.

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UltraSound Amplifiers is now proud to be a Dean Markley owned company.
Early in 1998, UltraSound produced its first acoustic amplifier. UltraSound saw a need in the acoustic amplification market—for an acoustic amplifier that would replicate the exact tone of the guitar and other acoustic instruments. Through thousands of hours of fine tuning circuitry and testing and designing hundreds of different speaker configurations and sizes, the marvelous transparent acoustic tone that UltraSound Amplifiers are known for was achieved. [Read more.]

Born in the tiny farming town of Bennington, Kansas (population 650), Dean Markley picked up his first guitar at age sixteen and played for three years in local bands before going to work for the Bowman Music Company in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1969, a single 45-minute phone call convinced Dean to pack his bags and come out west, where he ran the Santa Clara location of Roger Calkins’ music store for two years, selling instruments and equipment to the thriving bay area music scene. [Read more.]

Greg Farres was born in Salina, Kansas on January 9th, 1959. In 1979 Greg Graduated from Kansas State Technical College with a Degree in Electronics.

In the fall of 1979 Greg began work for JMF Electronics, in Salina, Kansas, as an electronics technician testing and repairing digital scales and guitar tuners. After about a year JMF designed it’s first guitar amplifiers. These were known as the JMF Spectra series amplifiers. After a successful launch of around 10 guitar amp models, including Bass amps and PA systems, Dean Markley purchased JMF Electronics in 1983. The company then became known as Dean Markley Electronics, Inc.. Greg stayed on with the company as a technician and eventually became plant manager. Along with managing the plant, Greg worked side by side with Dean Markley to develop the Dean Markley Signature Series amplifier line as well as the K-Series amp line, and established overseas manufacturing support for the K-Series line. In 1992 Dean Markley sold their electronics division and Greg moved on to a manufacturing job in Des Moines, Iowa with UJC Electronics. [Read more.]

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Here are two pictures of the new AG15 amp. Available December of this year.
Here are two pictures of the new AG15 amp. Available December of this year.
Thank you, Dean and Greg, and thanks to all who participated in this discussion today. We'll see you again tomorrow.
As in 15 watts? Huh?
Yep, 15 watts, 8" speaker. Sound is unbelievable.
Hi Dean,
I have a ProMag in my Yamaha FG351SB (pickup is about 10 years old, guitar is over 30) and it works very well with my Peavey Amp. Recently I have bought a Yamaha Stage Pass 300 PA system and now I find that there is no volume. Back to the Peavey its OK.
Try it through any pedal or any mixing board back to the Stage Pass and its a no go.
Any ideas?
I am not familiar with the Stage Pass PA. Are they Low Impedance inputs? Can you get a preamp and put that after the guitar and then into the PA? That might be what is needed. Try one of the UltraSound DI boxes. They are Fantastic!!!!! I am almost POSITIVE that will solve the problem. If the pickup works with the one amp, it should work with the other. Sounds like Input Impedance matching problem. Please keep in touch with me, so I can help you through this. We'll help you get it going!!!!! Take care and thanks for checking in with us!!! Dean
I will look into the impedance issue and let you know.
What is the ProMag High or lowZ?
Thanks Dean
Hi Dean, Hi Greg,

I would have two questions:

Is there any point in using different strings to get closer to the natural acoustic sound from any given set of stings (changing the gauge or the copper/tin ratio)?

Is there any amp dedicated to amplify nylon guitar only?

Thanks for all!


The UltraSound Amps are designed to amplify Nylon string guitars. Check with Muriel Anderson. She has been endorsing UltraSound for years and years. And there is Mr. Cruz. He is also Nylon. So they work great for that.

Changing strings' gauge ratio and their content makes a big difference. Especially if you are one of us that can hear the subtleties. Nice to hear you're on the right road. Check out the various Dean Markley strings. We've got all the different types covered really well. Also, watch for the new Acoustic and Electric strings which will be coming out at the NAMM show In January!! Hot!!!
Dean and Greg,

Thanks for hosting this Q&A. I have a DME, Inc Spectra 125A amp that I purchased in 1986 in San Jose. I'm wondering if there is any existing documentation for this amp. I would like to replace the speaker but don't know what wattage I would need. The speaker output connector indicates a 4 ohm resistance and the input power cable shows 117VAC, 60HZ, 160 Watts. Any documentation or users manual would be great to have if they are still available. Thanks for any help you can provide. Stu Frazier
When Greg gets here, he might know the answers. He was with Spectra longer than I was. He will be here soon. Dean


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