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Chat with Dean Markley and Greg Farres of UltraSound Amps, Experts in Acoustic Sound

Chat live with Dean and Greg from 10am-12pm Pacific Time (12 - 1 pm CST and 1 - 3 pm EST). Any questions entered on 11/23 and 11/24 will also be answered by Dean or Greg so that everyone gets a chance to participate no matter what their time zone or work schedule.

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UltraSound Amplifiers is now proud to be a Dean Markley owned company.
Early in 1998, UltraSound produced its first acoustic amplifier. UltraSound saw a need in the acoustic amplification market—for an acoustic amplifier that would replicate the exact tone of the guitar and other acoustic instruments. Through thousands of hours of fine tuning circuitry and testing and designing hundreds of different speaker configurations and sizes, the marvelous transparent acoustic tone that UltraSound Amplifiers are known for was achieved. [Read more.]

Born in the tiny farming town of Bennington, Kansas (population 650), Dean Markley picked up his first guitar at age sixteen and played for three years in local bands before going to work for the Bowman Music Company in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1969, a single 45-minute phone call convinced Dean to pack his bags and come out west, where he ran the Santa Clara location of Roger Calkins’ music store for two years, selling instruments and equipment to the thriving bay area music scene. [Read more.]

Greg Farres was born in Salina, Kansas on January 9th, 1959. In 1979 Greg Graduated from Kansas State Technical College with a Degree in Electronics.

In the fall of 1979 Greg began work for JMF Electronics, in Salina, Kansas, as an electronics technician testing and repairing digital scales and guitar tuners. After about a year JMF designed it’s first guitar amplifiers. These were known as the JMF Spectra series amplifiers. After a successful launch of around 10 guitar amp models, including Bass amps and PA systems, Dean Markley purchased JMF Electronics in 1983. The company then became known as Dean Markley Electronics, Inc.. Greg stayed on with the company as a technician and eventually became plant manager. Along with managing the plant, Greg worked side by side with Dean Markley to develop the Dean Markley Signature Series amplifier line as well as the K-Series amp line, and established overseas manufacturing support for the K-Series line. In 1992 Dean Markley sold their electronics division and Greg moved on to a manufacturing job in Des Moines, Iowa with UJC Electronics. [Read more.]

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We tested the towers, and they are okay. When you listen to TONE between the Towers and the PRO250 UltraSound, there is no comparison. The PRO250 kicks them seriously. We have a couple of folks who are playing the CP100 and the PRO250, and are placing them on a tower, to get them above peoples heads. That is working quite well for them. Would for anyone.

So the towers are okay. But the UltraSound sounds better and has more features!!!

I heard a Bose at an outdoor event and assumed that it the EQ was poorly adjusted as the sound was not lush as I expected. I think the best endorsement of Ultasound was seeing David Lindley this summer. With his 8 instruments he brought an Ultrasound for his personal guitar monitor. This was clearly an amp that David had been using for many years as it was very used looking.
yes i have had my little two brute AG-30 models for about two years now and they sure do hold up to abuse! Made with big stainless steel screws holding everything together so tight! I just love em and they barely show much of any "Road Rash" LoL
Everyone call your friends!!! Alert the media!!! There's a Forum going on!!! Love to have you here. Or is that Hear? Goof Balls, all of us!!! :-)
Hi Dean - with the market so brimming with string and guitar manufacturers how do you plan to differentiate your products from the other heavy hitters such as Martin and Taylor?
I guess we'll keep doing what we've been doing for the past 30 years. Making better products. Having smart, Intelligent, informative and witty advertising catches attention and then the user gets our products and finds that they are better than the others on the market. They tell their friends and so on and so on. Just do it right and treat people like you would want to be treated!!!!
What do you think sets the Ultra Sound amps apart from the big ticket acoustic amps. I have tried both and like the Ultra Sound better
Tone. Quality of product. Reliability. We don't make just another acoustic amp, we make the best acoustic amps. They just plain sound the best!!! There is some awesome videos by endorsees the second video is my good friend Mark Sganga I personally jammed with one on one with Pete Huttlinger he is the International Fingerpicking Champion people and one heckuva nice guy!!!!!
A newbie here, I have a Fender Telecaster hooked up to a 120 watt line6, a Fender Strat hooked to a Marshall 100 watt amp, since I have a large bedroom that I can practice in and do not play professionally I do not need a lot of power. The two amps I have now are overkill for anything I do so in looking for an amp for my acoustic Gibson songwriter I was looking at the smallest unit you make, Other than needing power to play professionally or to play in a large venue what would be the advantage to getting a bigger amp.
As a major player in the industry, what trends do you see developing in the industry, where will the products be in 10-20 years. Do you anticipate a greater integration with technology or a reversal to a more organic and acoustic industry. It seems that the 1/4" mono cord that we plug our guitars into is pretty dated. Will we see guitars with multi pin output jacks being standard? Onboard modeling preamps like Fishman's, trend or gimmick? Carbon fiber guitars, onboard recording devices, self tuning guitars, Novac and the squiggle frets, will we all be using a PC type device as preamps? How do the trends of the music listener's taste effect your end of the industry.
Curious to see what an industry visionary sees in our future.
Thank you to everyone for their participation in the Forum. Greg and I bid you a "Good Day" and hope you have a fantastic day. We'll go through and make sure all questions are answered in case we missed any. Thanks again. HAPPY TURKEY!!!!!! Dean & Greg


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