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Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum.  I am new to classical guitar.  I have had 10 lessons so far and things are going well.  I use Frederick Noad's Solo Guitar book.  Working on my first piece, Spanish Study. 

What had helped you the most as a beginner?  Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jennifer

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Welcome !

Do you have a teacher, or are you learning by yourself going through the book?

If you're learning from a teacher, my advice is to do your research and find a good one.  You'll want one that spends some time focusing on technique - how to hold the guitar, how to position your left and right hands, how to play the strings, etc.  A crummy grounding in this can cause problems later on, while a good grounding will serve you well and make playing easier down the road.  To some degree there are different techniques used for different styles of playing...

Try to pace yourself.  Remember that you are not going to learn this stuff over night.  Try to end your practices feeling positive.  Even if this means stopping what you've been struggling with for twenty five minutes and playing something you know you can play for the last five...You can play what you know for the last five and try to stretch yourself in some way (maybe pluck the strings a bit faster, play around with getting softer then louder then softer) that will help you end on a good vibe.  If you feel that you must practice that passage you just can't get for the whole practice time, for the last few minutes, out of the passage you just can't do, play the small part that you can play or that you can almost play...


The main thing as a beginner is building proper technique. Otherwise, years later, you have to spend time undoing bad habits lol. 

I strongly recommend watching William Kanengiser's Effortless Classical Guitar DVD - great for ergonomics and such.


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