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CNN Report on Homeless Children Inspires New Song

Watched this CNN Report recently and this is happening nationwide but has reached true crisis proportions in Las Vegas. Public Schools are now stockpiling food and clothes for these kids.
This report really got to me. My heart goes out to these kids and I've written a song just now about this.

What about these homeless children? Do the Wall Street executives really need and deserve bonuses when there are children who are homeless as a result of economic collapse caused by unchecked Wall Street Greed?

Here's the song that came out of watching that report:

Somehow we lost our way
Nowhere to turn today
Somewhere In the USA
A child’s without a home

Well there’s something I can’t reconcile
Some children haven’t eaten in a while
While some billionaires are living in style
While a child’s without a home

This Is Wrong

Three Decades of Wall Street Greed
Went unnoticed by the SEC
Caused a crash of our economy
Now a child’s without a home

People watch homes foreclose
Lost jobs when the economy froze
A school provides food and clothes
To help children without homes

This is wrong

And our government should be ashamed
They had decades to stop greedy games
Yet they chose to look the other way
Another child’s without a home

We pay out bonuses to billionaires
Nobody asked if that was even fair
To the homeless child standing over there
Dreaming about a home

This is wrong

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A teriffic song Gil....well written, powerful lyrics...
Thank Jim!

I was not aware of this but this week is National Hunger and Homeless Awareness week!


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