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Hey guys, I'm really glad to have joined this community and think that it's a great idea! Ive decided to contribute to the discussions board with something i've been interested in recently.

Since I've started composing for acoustic guitar i've found a very interesting attribute to some of my pieces. A lot of people have really connected with one of my original compositions, the point of interest is that there is no real predominant melody in the piece, people come up to me afterwards saying that they hear their own wonderful melodies going over the top of it during a performance. 

I think it's a very interesting way of personalising a piece for an individual, if you can set a stage for people to essentially be part of a composition. 

I also write a lot of tunes with set melodies which are well received, but I feel its a different way of approaching and connecting with your audience. I'd be really interested to know what you guys think of the varying ways to compose for the guitar and connecting with an audience!

This is the piece:

This is my Facebook page if any of you are interested


Richard Burrell

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Hey Richard, glad to see you on here!

I think it's a great idea to compose a song with sections that leave the audience to imagine their own melodies. If you're hearing from your audience that they hear their own melodies and they like it then keep it up! I think the key is giving them a melody to start with, something they can build on. Some audiences may not respond as well so if you're in front of a new audience I would limit those songs and if there's a positive response then add more next time.

Thanks for sharing this idea, I hope to use it in the future.


wow . . . that is beautiful.

I have heard so much chunk a thunk guitar over the years (since the early sixties) that I have forgotten just how personal and lovely a guitar can be to a guy with talented fingers . . . very nice indeed.


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