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Just purchased a used Composite Acoustics Legacy Performer (serial # D120524061), and am looking for some assistance in determining the year of manufacture. The company has recently closed, ruling them out for guidance. Would greatly appreciate anyone's help. Bill

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Here is an explanation I found on another forum:
D - Model of your Guitar
1 - High Gloss Finish
2 - Features included on model (6 = Custom)
05 - Year Made (2005)
240 - 240th day of 2005 (August 28, 2005)
61 - The number of guitars made that day

I know a lot of things we find on the Internet are not always correct but the formula looks feasible to me and the formula works with both of my CA's. Hope this helps.
Thanks Biggs, appreciate the help.
This has been discussed quite a bit over at the former Here are some threads where it's discussed:

Instead of the number of guitars made that day, I think we figured out that the last digit signified which one of a certain model this was (in other words, 5 would indicate the 5th Cargo or GX made that day, depending on the model).

However, we also came to the conclusion that the formula mentioned above only works for recent models (the last couple of years maybe). For instance, I’ve got a Vintage Performer that I know was made in 2006 with the following number: D220629061. I also have an Xi that was made in 2008 with the number Xi208353-3. The formula works for the 2008 model, but not the 2006.

It’s important to note that CA shut down production at its original facility in 2005, then reopened at a new facility in 2006. When they restarted production they had changed their guitars quite a bit. From the serial number, it does seem likely that your guitar was built in 2005, which means it would be an older model with a 1 11/16” nut (the 2006 and later models have 1 3/4" nuts).

If you want to investigate this further, I would suggest spending some time at the forums. It is THE forum for composite guitar info.
Thanks Brian, information's been helpful. Bill
Hello Biggs
If I follow your info on the CA guitar Serial number Mine starts with a "P" followed by 2 "6"s" than "07" for 2007 than "170" for the day of the year and "71" for number of guitars made that day. Mine is hand written as follows P660717071. It is a GX Player series Road tuff finish with Tribal design and a wine color. It does not have the L.R. Braggs electronics but something else which I believe to be Fishman, it has a volume and tone control on the edge of the sound hole. Any info on the electronics would be great.
Steven, my '08 Player Series 7M-CE (GX) came with the Fishman Ellipse VT (V=Volume, T=Tone). The controls in mine are also installed along the edge of the sound hole. I'm told that the pickup has the same UST that is used in their more expensive Matrix series p/u's. Hope this helps.
Steven, I suspect that your guitar was built before the latest CA serial number system was put into use. I believe the newer models had a dash number. For instance, my Xi is S/N Xi208353-3. The "-3" means it was the 3rd Xi produced that day. My Vintage Performer is S/N D220629061. While some of the formula seems to work, some of it doesn't. For instance, I know my guitar was built in 2006, so the "06" applies. The next three digits would theoretically mean it was built on the 290th day of the year. That might be true. However, the 061 doesn't seem to mean anything. (there's no way they ever produced 61 guitars in a day).

At the former, it was determined that this formula only applies to CA guitars built after a certain point in 2008.


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