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A reputable luthier wants $525 (also informing me it, "could be more" depending on what they get into) for a neck reset.  They want another $525 for a re-fret and fretboard levelling.  I also need the tuner buttons replaced ~$100 and they couldn't even firmly quote some miscellaneous brace re-gluing, which could be another $300. 

All this for a '47 Gibson LG-2.  Worth it?  I know prices for just about everything went up but geesh!


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Thats about the right price for a neck re-set ( dovetailed so the fret board is steamed off and then the neck is steamed to release from the joint ) but I have to wonder if you need all of your frets replaced? or just a few and have the rest leveled and polished and you also have to realize the value of a guitar does play into the price also should something go terribly wrong .

But you have one price from one guy so do shop around and do not be afraid to ship your guitar if you are going to need that much work I would send it on someone with a great reputation for working with the older Gibsons and you also need to ask how reputable is your luthier in terms of work done, was he referred or just someone you found on line, with out knowing who ( and please do not post whom it is ) I would ask for refrences from others he has worked with.

Worth it well thats up to you and what you hope to get back you might be thrilled or you might realize it wasn't what you were hoping for it terms of sound and you are right around $1500.00 a fair bit of money so is it worth the vintage to you to repair the guitar, hey only you can answer that question.ship

Oh and I thought I would include some pics of an earlier one for you.

IMHO, give a call to Jay Wolfe or Graham Zebedee of Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, FL - - their luthier (Jan Walker) has a great reputation, they are familiar with vintage instruments (currently have a Gibson 1953 archtop in the shop), and they have a PLEK machine in-house.  I think Jay or Graham (or Jan, if you can reach her - she's very busy) would be most pleased to advise/guide you...

Good Luck!

Prices are bound to vary geographically, but those seem high to me.  My repair tech (in Mesa, AZ) is very good, and quoted me $300 for a neck reset on my '91 Guild D25 (and Guilds are supposedly the most difficult neck resets).  I had a refret job done on the same guitar, by a different but also very good luthier, for $225.  I'd definitely shop around.

We charge approx. $550.00 for for re fret and neck sets,(comes with new nut and if needed new saddle) tuner buttons , your better off buying yourself as everyone will mark them up 30%, loose braces , depending on the severity $200 to $300 is average.

To me, the $525 should be enough to cover both the neck re-set and the re-fret ... I know good techs around here who would do it for that amount or less.  I recently had a dovetail; neck re-set done for $140.

Heya Jud! What city you do you live in and what is the name of the pro who did your neck reset! I need help, and it sounds like it would be worth shipping!

Tim Benware in Creedmoor, NC (a little north of Raleigh) ... APEX CUSTOM GUITARS

I'm guessing you wouldn't have mentioned him if you weren't happy with the work. Thanks for the tip!

I have an old 1968 Silvertone 1220 Sovereign (by Harmony) that I got for my birthday as a senior in high school.  I totally restored it for old times sake ... overall refinish and a neck re-set.  Tim did a good job and his price was actually what made the project feasible given the value of the instrument.  I had a friend in the antique furniture restoring business do the re-fin for the cost of materials ($125) and then Tim did the neck reset for only $140, and he made a new bone saddle and did some work on the bridge as well for a little more.  I'm very happy with the results. It plays and looks better than new now and I have less than $300 invested in it.

She's a beauty!


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