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Hi everyone,

       I have a Danelectro DC59 reissue from about 2009, and the guitar sounds great when it works right, which is most of the time. But one of the pots 'un-clicks' from the inside every once in a while, and then clicks back into place on its own, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or days later. There is no access to the inside controls unless I remove the pickguard, which is glued on. Removing the pickguard would be easy enough, but I can't just pull the knobs off to get them out of the way because they are glued on to the post! If I try to take them off, the post detaches from inside and comes right up with the knobs! This happened for the first time after it was already broken. Now it's in one piece, but 'un-clicks' sometimes. If anyone has any suggestions, or has had a similar experience, or can tell me why on earth Danelectro makes their guitars this way, please let me know. Thanks!

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