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This seems to be a common theme among newbie guitarists ... I hear a lot of guitarists who say that mastering the "F" chord is kicking their butts. 


I know that it requires that you barre the bottom two strings with your index finger which is something unfamiliar and uncomfortable for most of us at first.  But, I can't remember it holding me back for more than a couple of weeks.

My son, who is just learning, is getting pretty good ... at any song he tries ... that doesn't have an "F" chord in it, LOL.

Unfortunately, he is consciously picking songs that don't require an "F", even though I try to insist that mastering the "F" is absolutely essential to become a competent guitarist.

So, did you have a lot of trouble with the "F" at first"

Are you STILL having a lot of trouble with the "F" ...

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What's an F chord?  :/

Now that's funny!

IMHO, an "F" chord is any chord that, more often than not, when you try to form it, causes you to say "F&$k!"


Ooohh ... suck on this bar of soap ... ;-)

I know I am just a beginner, but I'm slowly getting it down. However, it takes a while to make sure my index finger is applying enough pressure. I seem to still mute the 2nd string. Because of this changing from one chord to the F chord takes me forever ;)

it always seems the joint in my finger is in the wrong place making me have to press down firmer to stop one of the strings from buzzing.  I have only been back at it for a week +.  Sure missed it.


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