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Do I need a seperate DI Box to Run my J45 into a PA ?

The title sums up the question really!

I have a modern J45 classic reissue ... which I always thought (it has a 9v battery inside) provided a line level output for plugging straight into a PA.

Someone has said however that it will sound "much better" into a DI and then into the PA.

Is this true?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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Yes, it will sound much better through a DI box. It's still a Hi-Z connection so going into a DI to convert to an XLR to plug directly into a PA will be better. Just remember to turn the volume down on the guitar and the input gain and level on the PA channel before making all the connections. Once the connections are made turn up the volume on the guitar (leave yourself some headroom) and then start turning up the input gain on the PA while playing what you think will be the loudest you'll play. Keep an eye on the channel input LEDs and stop turning the input gain when the LEDs start peaking into the red. Now back off the input gain a little. Turn up (or slide up as the case may be) the PA channel level to start hearing your guitar through the PA.

Thank you very much for the reply - it's answered all my questions

... I guess except which Di to buy

I've heard the LR Braggs ones are good, or possible the Radial ... Don't know if I need all the features though that come with the Braggs. Simplicity coupled with the best sound is what I'm after. Also I am confused between Passive and Active (I know the technical differences ... but not what will work best!!)

Do you have any recomendations

Thanks again for an excellent response


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