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How many players: always use a flatpick; sometimes use a flatpick, or never? How many play with a thumbpick and/or finger picks? For what type of music?

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Flat pick most everything; do some fingerpicking sans pics.


Jay P.

I fingerpick with my thumb and three fingers on some things, and use a flatpick (Dunlop delrin 1.0)  on others.  Anyone got a tip on what to do when you want to start a song fingerpicking and switch to a pick part way through?
If my memory serves me right mmmm in Claptons unplugged version of Nobody knows you... he picks up a pick from a little table, likely just forgot it. I've held a pick tween my fingers while fingerpicking quite tricky to change still.
I learned to flatpick the theme to "Bonanaza" when I was a teenager, but found it much easier fingerpick it or pluck that type of rolling run easier a bit later in life....three more appendages in motion—it just doesn't have as distinct a sound. I geneally only use a pick for acoustic volume when playing with others and marvel at folks who can wield a flatpick with great speed and precision.
I'm fairly new to using a pick but recently my brother and his son came up for a visit and they showed me some tricks! The son had a Les Paul copy and he always used a pick, and I've always thought that a pick was only for electric guitars-even though my acoustic came with three! So now I'm trying to use one as much as I can-just cant decide which I prefer, light medium or heavy!

While I mostly play classical-style, on electric guitar for jazz and rock I like the flat pick. I use different gauges for different purposes: heavier for a fat tone for playing single-note lines, lighter for strumming passages. Jim Hall does a similar thing. Try all three gauges and decide which ones sound best in which situations.

I use a flat pick about 50% of the time. Some songs are better with finger style while some just work with a pick or a hybrid style of pick and fingers.

flatpick here, 9 years in and never could seem to get finger style. I love the sound though so hopefully one day :P

   I finger pick a few songs but some sound better with a flat pick, so for me it depends on the song mostly, I tried a thumb pick but was sort of awkward, I normally use a softer pick (under 1mm) so the the thumb pick was a bit too hard, so I really didn't give it a chance.  Also I find if I'm playing wirth a few folks, sort of jammin, a pick is easier to keep up with the song.

Im trying to grow my nails for flatpicking, also strengthening them with varnish and vitamin pills.

I always use a Doyle Dykes thumbpick or just my fingers if I am

playing softly.

Hybrid picking for me, just can't get used to a thumbpick.  But I like to be able to go from Travis picking style to lead style and having a flat pick really helps for that and just works better for me personally.


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