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How many players: always use a flatpick; sometimes use a flatpick, or never? How many play with a thumbpick and/or finger picks? For what type of music?

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Almost always use a medium mainly classic rock songs that convert nicely to Acoustic Versions. Seems the only time I play Fingerstyle is when creating something original for some reason. Two cents......that and another 3 or 4 bucks will get you a cup of coffee in 2010.

I am 65 y.o. and started just 2 yrs ago,learning acoustic. Started out learning finger picking and have really taken to it. But also am trying to learn flat pick for some scale practice and it makes me nuts from hittin' wrong strings. Any suggestions,or just keep working,since that's all part of the process. The finger picking was a course from Zager E-Z Play system and i found it to be very helpful. Also learned(still am) from Guitar Principles. Teaches proper technique for all types. If curious just google it. Instructor is Jamie Andreas. Oh yeah, one other thing.Have been considering getting an electric strat type and wondered, since I'm still learning basics, would that be something to try maybe down the road abit to avoid complications. Thanks so much,Dan

















Dan, Glad you got into it. I don't finger pick, just flat pick and with bare thumb. Itjust takes practice to keep from hitting the wrong string. I've been playing 61 years and still hit the wrong string If you want to go plugged in, have at it. I'm mainly acoustic, but I plug in from time to time. Hope you keep on enjoying it. Playing guitar helps me  to keep a positive attitude.





There are so many factors.  I use fingers, flatpick, thumbpick, fingerpicks.

I have one of Denny Zager's EZ play acoustics and play it every day.

On the electric side I have some Parker Fly guitars (most are incredibly expensive) but look on ebay for an older Nitefly with the bolt on neck.  It will have electric pickups and a Fishman piezo pickup.  You need a stereo chord out for both the electric side and the acoustic side.

You will find the  acoustic side a little thin but the neck will play a thousand times better than any Strat. The Zoom A2 acoustic effects pedal can make the piezo sound a whole lot better.

I would pay no more than $450 for a Nitefly on ebay.

And despite what the alleged experts say, the made in Mexico MIM's are just as good or better than the American made Fenders and all of them have that trashy pickup sound characteristic of Fender single coils--replacing them with EMG's is what most people generally do.

The Parker, especially the ones from the 90's are much better guitars.

You might also consider getting an EZ-play from Zager.  I have a studio full of acoustics but I play the EZ every day and it is so playable switching from acoustic to electric is no big stretch except the nut on the electric is not  as wide.

Also the Taylor T-5 is excellent as an acoustic/electric hybrid but they are pricey and I still find them a bit thin, frankly.

I had an Ovation VXT hybrid with the Aura output, it was too heavy while the setup was superb they acoustic sound seemed narrow to me.

Find an old Parker Nitefly on ebay.

I flat pick more than finger pick, but I have the same issue as you--especially for me hitting the middle strings consistently and with accuracy with a finger pick. I'm working through the Hal Leonard 3-book series myself.

I play all kinds of music. I find that a pick can sometimes hamper me so I almost always play with my fingers. I have recently started playing more with a pick though, it helps when you're just playing ryhthm or some lead. 

I've been playing off and on for over forty years.  The long gaps took a big toll on my skills and I'm just getting my chops back.  I was a flat picker for most of those years, but I've switched to a thumb pick for the past two years and it allows me to play any style I want to.  Funny, but when I pick up a flat pick now, I can play my runs way faster than I ever could before I started using a thumb pick.  That may well be because I am practicing regularly now.  At any rate, it is nice to know I can switch back and forth when I want to and I enjoy both forms of picking as well as the hybrid flat pick and fingers style.

I alternate between using a flat pick for certain progressions and fingerpicking. I flip the pick up and hold it between the knuckles of my index and middle finger for fingerpicking. I've grown to like the Green Turtle picks -- gives me a bit more oooomph out of my Ovation Elite custom deep body...

After trying out all kinds of flatpicks, I found and prefer the Herco thumb flatpick, which is a teardrop shaped pick with a loop worn on the thumb.  I use the heavy and medium gauges. 
I enjoy finger picking an believe the use of a Thumb an possibly finger picks could be advantageous to certain Song content an the Sound you are trying to achieve. I recently have been training on the use of a flat pick, however enjoy a variety of methods depending on the content/genre..........I believe you must hone your skills with variety, unlless, your genre specific.........
See This: seems to me a song in which you finger pick must or should have more chord changes or Notes (hammer ons, etc) in order not to sound monotonous. Although, this could be true of Flat picking.......I've been pondering this concept an not sure what to think.??? Would like some thoughts, since it seems some Tab/Music sounds boring, unless you have a repatour of "colorful add-ons ( pinky type ghost notes or bass runs) to add Color to the otherwise mundane G,C,D.....progressions. Course I'm only entry level, but some of this easy tab, etc just doesn't have any "Flair". Am I wrong about this? Or just a Newb.....seems to go along with the finger style or flat pick phenomena.....seems like unless you are able to add some 7ths or 9ths etc., the outcome is monotonous, , could I be doing something wrong or is this a legit theory. Since I have seen guitarists make a simple 3 chord ( major) sound interesting, I'm unable to.......without the extra chords or "ghost notes" or 7ths& 9ths, etc. .......boring. This is important for me to understand, for me to improve on a 3 chord EZ Play and or add the additional Notes, even though they may be missing from the Tab/Music...? Whadaya, think?
This might be of interest I got a backstage pass for Willie Nelson he gave me a pick I still have it I'm sure it was a .73 he uses pick and fingers as I do.  I normally use anything from 3 picks depending  on how I feel  a dunlop .46 for very fast strumming  and  dunlop .65 and  pickboy .71 for more volume.


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