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Recently returned a seagull mini jumbo as sound was too thin and bought an EJ-200 artist natural. Just got it in the mail today. Any recommendations on strings for a jumbo from anyone? I've read alot of recommendations for Elixir Nano's...see some people say light-mediums, others mediums and some even custom lights. What are your favorite strings for the EJ200 or another jumbo and what gauge do you use? typically I'm more of a strummer.

Thanks! Appreciate your thoughts. Realize its a matter of preference but head start is always nice!

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Looks like a nice guitar!  (For reference, I'm using a Taylor GS5.)

Few years ago I used Elixer Nanos for about 6 months and then stopped.  After a while the coating would wear and the g string especially would get fuzzy.  I use my fingers (no thumb pick) and play fingerstyle, so I don't know how the Nanos would do with a pick, or if they have improved since I've used them.  Tried other brands of coated strings and really didn't like those either.

I have tried a number of different string makers in the past 5 years, and have settled on John Pearse medium gauge Phosphor Bronze Wound strings.  I do about 80% alternate/slack key tuning, so the mediums (plus a longer scale/wider string spacing) are a real help in the sound department.  I am an amateur player, but I play quite a bit, so I'm changing strings about every 2 or 3 months. While I am not strumming hard, I can get pretty aggressive in my playing at times, and am constantly re-tuning the guitar, and usually the strings maintain their integrity nicely.  Rarely do I break a string.

Good luck.  Buy a few different kind and experiment.  Don't be afraid to cut off strings that you really don't like and put another set on.  Life is too short...


Thanks for reply. I've heard alot of good things about John Pearse. Heard that they have more bass to them and rigth now sound is a little thin with stock strings so I'll try your suggestion out.

I use Elixer "Medium" Polys on my EJ-200 Artist and they are pretty good and sound great, but I used D'Addario EXP Mediums last time on it and actually liked them better.  I just replaced them with the Elixers like I used to use on it and since they are new, I will continue to use them until they wear out and will put back on the EXPs.

My other EJ-200 came with custom Gibson lights and was specifically set up for them and I had to take it to a pro luthier to get it set up for medium strings and it was a pain in the butt, but the artist came straight out of box with D'Addario lights, and the action was very low so I switched to Mediums to tighten the strings and they worked perfectly with no adjustments and I love the thing.  

I play the artist more than any guitar I have and constantly get complements on the sound and playability of it.  Regardless of the cost this is one fine guitar.  Like I said in previous post, everyone who has played mine went out and bought their own.

My slight problem with the EXPs is that I do a lot of slides with my fingers and the EXPs squeak some, where the Elixer Polys don't.  The poly's give a more balanced sound and the strings seem slightly flappy/loose on it, where the EXPs don't and feel more tighter.  Sound wise it's more like you said personal preference.  Give them both a shot as each has suttle differences.

Thanks for reply. Did you use Phosph Bronze or 80/20?

I just looked an the EXPs are phosphor bronze, and the Elixer Poly's are 80/20. Honestly I never played that much attention to it, until you asked and now I see where the slight sound difference comes into play so I might give the Elixer Medium Nano's a try since they are phosphor bronze and since I like the EXPs.

Also wanted to say, I have been playing a lot of Open G tuning on the artist model and the thing sound wonderful and since on mine the action is just right, it plays great with a pyrex slide.  I actually lately have been playing nothing but Open G on the artist, and old A&L dread and two of my electrics.  I really like the sound and its really fun to play acoustic open G and run it through a looper and then play over it with my PRS electric in standard tuning with some leads, etc.

I use Thomastik-Infeld on all of my instruments.  You can check out the different kinds they make at  I have found their strings last much longer and have much better tone.  You can buy them at many on-line music stores, but they are hard to find in local stores.  Don't be put off by their higher price, they are actually less expensive since you don't have to change them as often.


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