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Just throwing this out there for a few folks looking for something new, or a fine beater to have around.


I have some great expensive guitars, but again with the expensive ones; you just don't want to play them regularly unless you getting paid (which I'm not).  I have them for their beauty and sound and love to play them occasionally; but wanted something more practical and that I could enjoy.


I have had an A&L Cedar Dread now for about 15 years and it was getting worn out.  I went out and got the Epiphone EJ-200 Sunburst model, put some Medium strings on it and fell in love with the thing, and play the &@%^ out of it.

Well, I was wanting something to have around at work.  Every time I saw the EJ-200 "Artist" model, I always picked it up and took it for a whirl.  Yep, it may be a stripped down version of the regular 200, no etching on the pickgruard, no fancy mustache bridge, no go tuners, no solid top; but it plays/sounds/feels amazing.


I have had multiple players come by work and play it and all of them said they were also gonna head out and buy them one.


The thing only cost $200 and I don't believe you will find a better deal or better sounding/playing guitar in that range.


Actually, MF has them for $150 now.  Guess I should have waited a week before I picked one up, but I got a great deal at GC in NOLA because I traded some stuff in and with the 10% discount, I only had to pay about $30 for it anyway. 


Unless  your a hard core "Its gotta be a solid top, etc" kinda of player.  This is an amazing guitar for the money.

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Just looked at the Musicians Friend "Jan" 2012 catalog on line and they are putting this jewel back up at $200.  Right now they are still $125. The Natural is a beauty and I'm sitting here at work today playing the crap out of mine since it is a slow day.  Anyone looking for a fantastic beater, look no further.  Again, with the Solid Top vs Laminate.  Maybe the Sunburst ones are laminate, but my Natural one and from what I can see other Natural owners will swear they are Solid tops.  I have thoroughly inspected mine from outside to inside, top to bottom and it's a solid top.  Love the thing.

Great! Funny thing. I just picked up a black used EJ off of E-bay. $125 with shipping. Seems that Gibson/ Epiphone are having problems with setting action. Both EJ's are a touch too low, buzz. I've been playing some Gibson J200's with the same problem.

On both of mine, I had to shim the saddle; but only just a small amount. Both of them have medium strings, and on my regular EJ I had to pretty much loosing the whole neck and shim and it is perfect now, and on the artist I just had to barely shim the saddle and a slight neck adjustment and it's pretty much OK.  The artist was only buzzing on the B and high E strings at the 10th fret but the slight shim did the trick.  A few who play it say it could be lower, but they kinda tinker at notes on it, where as I strum real hard and have a hard dig for lead riffs and its fine for me.

I spoke to soon, they have since went back to $200 from this morning to this afternoon.  I just clicked the link to see and by golly they raised the prices.

Don't you just hate that?

Thats Gibson for ya! But even so 200 dollies is a steal for such a guitar!


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