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Okay guys just wanted to see what kind of guitars you find partial too and why? I wanted to see what everyone tastes were lol.I'll start. My personal favorite are actually jumbo and grand auditorium style guitars because i find with them that they just bloom all the notes and chords inside of them. I used to play dreads originally but i find between the two that natural reverb and resonance of jumbo's and GA have a nice touch to them.

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As a lap player... ideally... smaller, thinner with low action, making up the loss of "punch" with electronics. As a lover... any size or style, other than some of the heavy metal electrics. A question for you, Archie... I see you have an Ibanez EW. When I bought mine, I had no clue about the grief I would get from the controls being on the lower bout. Not only do I find it harder to make adjustments, mid song, but every time I reach for something, my arm moves the sliders all over the place. Do you find the same? Thanks.

Ah, you have the newer editions. When i bought mine i had the one with the turners for bas, mid and treble along with a phase and the tuner. With mine i had absolutly no problem with it. I have to say though that guitar for was probably one of the best guitars ive ever had. Its a sinch to EQ. I had the quilted ash one and i didnt have the loudness say a martin or taylor has... but the Grand Auditorium shape gave it such a nice bottom end that was rare in guitars. Mine was alot more bottom heavy without sounding muddy. They changed to sliders and they added a a frequency slider too i believe. I Wouldnt know about the newer electronics but i can tell you that that guitar though is a gem if you just learn how to use her. Every open mic or gig that had you plug straight in to a PA, thats especially where the guitar shines.

.... mine is a "Padauk" with an incredibly slick neck... burning fast, but the lower bout controls seem, to me, to be a case of untested design.

Hands down, my favorite is the slope dread. ie, gibson j45. To me, the sound difference between the slope & square dreads is too minimal to mention, but in rare instances when I want to reach the 15th fret I can without resorting to something I do not like on any acoustig guitar, the cutaway. Also, my first "real" guitar was a Gibson j45 that my parents got me for high school graduation in 1978. I still have it & will likely die clutching it in my left hand.


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