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Hi all!  I am interested in adding an effects pedal or pedals (chorus, reverb, looping) for making playing at home more interesting and for open mics/gigs in the future.  I currently have a Fishman Loudbox Mini amp that is fun and includes chorus and reverb, but not a great range of sound. 

Thoughts from those who are more experienced on what you would recommend or highly not recommend? 


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I will give you my two cents worth here since I am a pedal freak, so here goes:

Reverb:  Holy Grail Plus, or Wampler Faux Spring Reverb

Chorus:  BBE Mind Bender

Looping:  I use a Boss RC-2, but they now have the RC-3

I love and swear by the Behringer ADI21 DI Box with Expander settings.

I would suggest an MXR Carbon Copy or The Dark Echo

I would include the BBE Sonic Stomp in the mix also.

All these pedals are "analog" and true bypass except for the RC-3, and the DI Box, and the Sonic Stomp is hardwire bypass.  I would stay away from the digital pedals.  I own all these pedals and love every one of them. Also take it from me when it comes to pedals, spend the money and get good ones.  Don't buy the cheaper ones.  A good pedal is going to cost at least $150 usually except for a couple of the ones I named.

Thanks for all the info Judgestone!  I was hoping for a "pedal freak"!  Will check some of these out!  Right now I am playing my Fender through the amp but plan to upgrade to the new Martin DCPA5K soon!  (Hopefully).  Appreciate the advice!

Just wanted to throw this one in.  I got the Subdecay the other day and love it.  Again, I am a pedal freak.

i haven't been impressed with reverb pedals but that one's pretty cool!

My wife got me a Zoom A2 acoustic multi effect (also acts as a DI) for Christmas. Was never a big fan of Zoom stuff I had back in the day, but this thing is simple to use and natural sounding. Seems pretty sturdy and well built as well. Goes for about $100. Does everything I need it too...

Thanks Mark. I have looked at the Zoom products and they seem to fit what I want, at least to start!


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