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I have created a new website for the Fender California Series Acoustic guitars where you will find information about the line. Please come by and check it out.


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You should start a new discussion groupfor these guitars here on AGM ... it's very easy to do. Just click on "groups" up at the top banner, then click on the button that says "+ add" 


BTW,  I run group here for Seagull guitars.

Hey Jud,,If there are enough "fans" out there maybe. Thanks for the comments.


Very nice... tho Im not sure a strat type headstock looks right on an acoustic. My main acoustic is a Fender, albeit a low end one. Still, very nice sounding guitar!

Yes there is for sure players who like or not that headstock. I started with a Fender bass in the 60's and have had the 4 (6) on a side state of mind since. I also play a Carvin 5 string, 5 on the side. Do I need help maybe??


Thanks for the comments....



A friend of mine in Gilroy, CA sent me a pic of his guitar - a Fender Malibu!


Did a little research - they were made originally 1965-1971, then re-introduced in 2006.  Since he's had it 23 years, it must be an original one... :-)

I am assuming this is a California Series...

That may be a early Malibu but I think it is part of the California Series acoustics 82-92'. If it has a bolt on neck it is early, 65-71. Beautiful guitar!!! Here is a pic of an early Malibu.


Intererstingly, that link lists my guitar (a DG5) but the information doesnt tally with mine!

My guitar was bought new in 2004, and is made of basswood and nato: And yet according to Fender's own site, we get this:

DG5 1995 -1998 $175.99 Nato top, mahogany back and sides
Ha. My DG5 came with a pickguard cover like that! It just peeled off.

I must confess, assuming John has had this Malibu for 23 years like he said, I have no explanation for why the pickguard cover is still on...

82-92 certainly sounds possible - if he bought it new, he'd have bought it in 1988...

Any clue from what you can see of the label?  Looks to be solid wood back...

I just looked at the link - sycamore top, back, and sides?  Maybe I'll see this guitar some day...

Well I wouldnt rely on the accuracy of the info on Fenders site!


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