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So I went out guitar hunting and came across two guitars that I have fallen in love with. One was Cole Clark's FL2AC series and the other was the Takamine NEX Santa Fe guitar. Though I have not heard the Takamine plugged in as of yet, it was still a very nice sounding guitar.

These two guitars have the voice that I've been looking for. The Cole Clark guitar's pickup and pre-amp took my breath away as it sounded exactly as it did acoustic. Very accurate pickups (Face-brace pickup and bridge pickup. Piezo type). I was very unimpressed with the Baden guitars and also was quite let down with the Martin's. I think the Maton guitars sound better than both of them combined. But I guess that is why we have to find the guitar that is right for ourselves. We all have that signature sound (or whatever you'd call it) that is out there, but its a matter of finding it. Well any-who. Probably shouldn't be opening a new thread for this but I am sure no one is going to die because of it, and if so then I am very very very very very sorry. But anyhow. Yeah. I also now have a job, too. Very happy. I am finally at the age to get employment so I am working and am excited about getting this new guitar. Should be able to get it some time around the end of this year. Hopefully sooner. I have items that need ebaying so I am sure I will get there in no time. Anyhow.

Keep on rocking.

Michael Daeché

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Hi Michael....I'm also very impressed with Cole Clark guitars having played several FL2AC's at my local dealers shop. I'm a Martin owner as well, a '62 D28 I've owned since new, and I would never part with it. Nor am I intrested in buying a new Martin. My next guitar ( you can never have too many guitars) will in all likelyhood be a Cole Clark.
G'day Jim. With the Martin guitars, are there some models to stay away from and other models to look into? I played one Martin worth 8 thousand dollars and I thought the 899 dollar Maton Mini sounded better.
Michael, If you're looking for a Dreadnaught sized guitar, the Martin D28 is a good choice with a Street price of around 2300.00/us. If you are a fngerstyle player, a Martin OM or OOO model is a good choice...but, as you probably know, even guitars of the same brand and model can sound, and feel different from guitar to guitar. I've played some "Budget" brand guitars recently that amazed me with their sound and construction, Purchase price is no longer the great divide it once was..the point being, don't buy to the price point, buly the guitar that "speaks" to your soul.
Well, Jim, I did play the Martin DCX1E which I think is their cheapest electric acoustic guitar available and I have to say that it played better than the 8,000 dollar Martin guitar. As for the Martin D28, its street price here in Australia is 3,200 dollars and it's only acoustic. I really need a guitar with a pickup. I cannot afford to spend a whole heap of money on a condenser and then on a professional audio soundcard that supports 48v phantom power and then have to worry about sound proofing my room cause my sisters listen to rowdy punk rock music and one of my sisters has a love-bird that chirps its way through the walls and into my recording and when you have 9 tracks of recorded audio layered on top of each other it sounds like I was recording in an aviary filled with birds.
You have learned something that it took some of us YEARS and Thousands of dollars to figure out...Don't buy a guitar based on name or reputation or whatever...base it on the sound...for in the end...that is all there is...Hope you get your new friend soon...take care.



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