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I want to buy a good inexpensive guitar--500 dollars or less. I live in a rural area and there are no music stores anywhere close to me to go check out the guitars. I will have to but online. I do prefer a Gibson type of sound over a Martin sound. Does anyone have any suggestions for such a guitar? 

There are lots of options available for cheaper guitars but since I can't check them out in person, I would like to get some feedback before ordering one.

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If you prefer the Gibson sound, then why not look at the Epiphone SJs, I bought one to have as a beater and I have gotten to where I play it alot. Their Doves are great, and their Masterbilts are fine guitars. I also have an old A&L Cedar Top, Cherry sides and back guitar that I got 14 years ago, and I play it every day. Still my fav guitar out of all the ones I have, and I have some expensive ones, but I always go back to the A&L.
The Epiphone Hummingbird has a nice tone to it, too...and they're very inexpensive.
I have thought about a Hummingbird. It's on my list.
Well I have purchased a bunch of guitars from a guy named Robert Olsen. He sells his guitars on ebay. He doesn't build them but he apparently knows how to build guitars. He has them built in Asia to his very specific specifications in order to keep prices low, and they are very low. His most expensive one I believe is about 500. And that got me a solid Sitka top, two piece back, all real abalone inlay, scalloped bracing, bone nut, bone saddle, Mahogony back sides and neck. Craftsmanship is flawless. My only complain is that he doesn't provide hard cases. But I purchased a few for under $40 each on Musician's Friend. Other than that, I have no complaints. I will upgrade it with a pickup myself. Intonation is pretty good, but I am considering upgrading to a compensated bone saddle. Comparing to other models, you'd have to spend 800 to 1000 for something like this. One guy even did a review of his acoustics and some other little known low price brands with high end features and sound on youtube. He can't play guitar to save his life but he gives you a good idea of what the guitar is like. I would highly recommend them, as does the reviewer.

Oh and his website is atrocious, but his guitars are gorgeous. Happy shopping.

Actually, my name is Robert M Olson and my dad taught me to build guitars about 45 years ago.

I have my guitars built for for me to my dads specs and to Martin specs. Lot a lot of people say they sound like Martins.


Here are what some people have said about this model:

Hi Robert, I just want you to know that I bought one of these about 2 mpnths or so ago from you and I must tell you that I am very pleased with it. I own a Martin D-35 and a D-16 and a few vintage Fender/Yamaha acoustics that are close to 40 yrs old as well. This guitar plays great and DOES sound excellent next to the Martins and the vintage others I have. Great deal for the investment and I highly recommend them ! Thanks and take care. Let me know if you come up with something alittle different in the acoustics.

- davidh5533

Robert got the guitar today,and it sure is nice. I took it over to a friend of my for his take. He has 35 Martins of all ages and 10 or so more other brands.
you will be happy as I am that he gave the guitar two thumbs up! Thanks again ,   George

i own two martins hd28v &d41 and this sounds almost the same.will buy again thanks. Member id deere.j ( Feedback Score Of 59Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
 Dec-27-10 15:05
  R M Olson Solid Spruce/Rosewood V Neck Scaloped Ribs (#110626858140) US $399.00 View Item

EXCELLENT!! QUALITY workmanship, materials and sound!! GREAT VALUE!! AA+++
Member id larrya928s ( Feedback Score Of 57Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
 Oct-08-10 08:24
  R M Olson Spruce/Rosewood V Neck Design Scaloped Ribs (#120623638806) US $345.00 View Item

I have been selling these for $399.00 and that is with a black arched top hard shell case  USPS Insured S/H is $35.00


Link to my 100% Ebay Feedback


I think I have one blem model you can get a great deal on...


R M Olson Guitars and Guitar Kits


That would be SPAM.


If someone is talking about me and my guitars, I will respond... whether you think it is span is no more than a personal opinion.
I will probably be making a decision and ordering in the next week or so. I will let you all know and post pics when I get it. Thanks for all the help.
To add my 2 krupplenicks here in addition to the very fine advice you've gotten I would add Washburn to the list. They don't get as much press now a days but they make some very nice instruments at very reasonable prices.

I have a 1993 model limited edition which I bought new in (you guessed it) 1993 and it has aged very well and out plays and out sounds instruments 4 times its price.

If you like the Gibson sound look for a used Gibson Songmaker. They only were $850 new and made in Canada all solid woods. Look on Ebay or Craigslist for one. I tried a couple of them at a Sam Ash store and loved them. Also a Cole Clark are Australian made and great tone, I ended up trading for a Guild that I got a killer deal on and love it. So hang in there and trade around until you find the one!
Bought one yet?
I ordered one on Wednesday. Hopefully it will be here next week. I'll post a picture if I can figure out how.


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