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I just bought myself a 1995 westerly Guild DC-1 HR. I love this guitar Can anyone tell me what is worth. One Small scratch on the top near the binding above the rosette.

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The price you paid for it is it,s value .How much Did you pay for the guitar.
$650 with the original case and handbook.
On the Groups section you can find the Guild Owners one. Ask there. Many specialists on it. Personally I don't know. I have a D4 made in Westerly in 1996.
Part of the True American Series if I remember rightly, I won't comment on the price you paid?????okay well maybe just a touch to much, decent guitars and all.
They have a solid spruce top mahogany back/sides ( just curious yours isn't electric ) the HR just means hand rubbed satin finish.Ship
I have a DC-1 E HR that has the Fishman Electronics and it is a great sounding guitar. Unplugged is great but plug it in to my big old Fender Acoustisonic and it really comes alive. I did some trading to get mine but the guy I got it from said it was $850 when he bought it for all that is worth. Also have the Guild G-37 with an installed undersaddle pick-up that is an old bar band player that has a lot of character. Got to love the sound from these old Westerly Guilds.
Guild DC-1 E HR]

Guild G-37
actually mine is an acoustic electric with the fishman pickup system in it.
Go with the Elixer strings on it. Plugged in or un-plugged the sound is so much better than anything else. You can join the Guild forum now so let me give you an early welcome!
thank you Joe. The elixers are on the way, They've been my string of choice for about 6 years now although the martins that are on it right now don't sound that bad.


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