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Who here, as a relative beginner, has been to a guitar camp? What was your experience? 

Some of the camps that would fit my schedule include

the Swannanoa Gathering in NC

the Puget Sound workshop

a few of the offerings at Fur Peace Ranch, and

Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp

I have (very slowly) learned some basics, mostly using the net and a few books.  I can read music.  Can strum chords confidently. I'm most of the way through the first Shearer classical book on a nylon string.  Just starting fingerstyle on steel string- can do some very basic Travis picking.  I'd really like to go farther- maybe play acoustic blues/country blues for an audience one day.  I live in a somewhat isolated rural area with few opportunities for lessons.  Would a camp, with a week of intense work, be a good way to develop?


Mike in Wisconsin

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Absolutely go for it and do remember that you are going to run into folks who are well established players there to, guitar camo is not just for beginners even those who have been playing for years get something out of playing in these situations form learning to play with groups to fingerpicking to classical playing and so forth.

I have heard of some really good things about Puget sound workshop ( not familar with the others ) Mike I am sure it will be the best money you've spent and the friendships made can be extremely valuable also in encouragement.ship

Yes do it. I am not a beginner but at the camps I have attended there were some beginners. I highly recomend any of the Ashokan camps this year will be my 4th year at western and swing week. There will be many fine musicians willing to help a beginner or any level player. A big side plus is the food is great and this year it will be a new rebuilt camp. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about Ashokan. I have also been to Johnny Gimbles swing camp but he no longer has one. Don't let the fiddle in the title scare you off plenty of good guitar instruction.

Yeah a guitar camp can be a really good way to develop your skills. I went to one for a week once. The one I went to placed you in a group based on a survey that you would fill out and send to them a few months ahead of time. They tried to put me in a group with people of similar age, experience, and musical tastes, but I wrote on my survey that I had been playing for over a year when I had really been playing for three months. Everyone else in my group had been playing for 5 or more years. I managed to keep up with them though. There will be people of all ages and skill levels, so you'll almost certainly have a place there. There are a lot of opportunities to socialize with other musicians, and you usually get to play your own original song in front of an audience. It was a lot of fun, even when you did have to play almost nine hours straight!

Anyone been to furpeace ranch?


Oh man I would *love* to go there since I am just outside of Columbus.  Someday.


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