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Guitar Identity? What is a Antonio Torres Ramirez guitar?




I wonder if anyone can help me or direct me. I have a friend who brought over a delightful guitar recently.  I'd like to identify it for him. He bought it in Spain 'sometime in the 60's', for around $100. It has a lovely, big, sound for such a small body. The label inside has a neat graphic of a man playing lute to a woman, and they are both in Renaissance style clothing. Near as I can tell, the lettering says "Antonio Torres Ramirez Canet de Mar Jacinto Verdaguer 17, Barcelona, Spain." I have two photos attached.


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How about a photo of the headstock and the neck heel ?
OK!  Give me a few days.  Thanks so much for your input!

The Alvarez MC761c is said to be a Torres knockoff.  It, too, has amazing tone and volume for its smaller size.  

If you measure the bouts, you'll probably notice that they are a half inch or more smaller (closer to 14" than 15") than other classical guitars.  That was the so-called Torres size ... something magical about it ... and its tone and volume results.

Just came across this post.

Could this actually be an Antonio do Torres guitar? That would be crazy! If it is, don't lose it, sell it or even move it because it would be worth a fortune! Canet de Mar Jacinto Verdaguer 17, Barcelona is an address in Spain. Area, Province, etc I believe.

Antonio de Torres "only" made less than 200 guitars until his death in 1892 (yup, 1892) but his style of guitar was still built during the early 1900s. Not sure what you have there but I just thought I'd mention it just in case you have a fortune in your hands and not realize it.




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