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Guitar Luthiers who are not as famous as they should be

  I I arrived in Cal, 30 years ago and I learned of 3 great  Luthiers who had local admiration.

 Mr George Peacock  (my local repair man and fine builder in his own right  1949/2011) he knew them all,and Had studied his Craft under the care of Warren White,.

The other 2 gentleman are Eugene Clarck( the only one still living) and Anthony Galliard Murray.

All 3 influenced  the visiting Flamenco Ny Jewish  Flamenco guitarist David Shpinx ;  known by the sur name Jose Rubio later to be called David Rubio, when he moved to England and worked on Breams farm as his luthier in residence.

 I have hope to write book on the subject if any one has pics and interveiws on the subject let me know.

Vist me at I have  several of Eugens and Warrens guitars here currently. We are hosting soon a Clarck  party wher 5 owners will display  gossip and  display.

Thanks Steven 415 6474940.

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