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Guitar makers giving lessons/classes in the new England area......?

I'm looking for a classical/acoustic guitar builder who teach in the new England area... Anyone out there have any info or thoughts?

I have a lot of experience in 'making' and would love to build my own guitar!
(I'm aware of some basic books but would like the 'luxury' of asking someone with extensive experience as I go along...)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Lauren

 I started about three years ago. My first was a kit, there are several available. This is a great way to get started. Also will let you see what is involved. My shop has grown from that kit to a fully equipped shop and growing very fast. I did lots of reading and research on the subject, bought lots of books and continue to learn every day and that will always be the case. I have learned over the past few years there are millions of opinions on how to do things and the end result, my best projects evolve from just doing it. You can find a treasure chest of videos and shops demonstrating the way they do things on the internet. Believe me there is more than one way to do things. There are some great builders that will take on an intern at a very costly fee and I did not enjoy such a luxury. The end result of a great builder is their own creativity with an enormous amount of patients and persistence. I really like seeing folks take an interest in the craft. I have found a community of folks that are such a joy to be friends with and for that it is all worth it to me. Any time you wish to ask a question feel free to call 252-723-5566

Wishing you well on your adventure – David

Hi David,

Thanks for including contact info .... I'll definitely be calling.
What kits did you find of 'decent' quality? Was your first kit a keeper? Did you have to alter the nut etc. to
make it playable ?
I've read that the Martin kits can be hit or miss since they are in a way 'seconds' They keep the best parts for production guitars-so you've a 50%/50% shot at getting a neck with a knot or some other potentially 'structural' issue.

I've also looked at the more customizable kits at llmi and gotten a headache trying to decipher the differences in 'parts' quality without knowing much yet about the designations etc.
(also not wanting to go all out on materials with the first one as I expect my 1st guitar may not be my best :D)


My first kit was from John Hall a very nice fella. It was a mahogany dreadnaught and is one of the most liked guitars in the music room. Every tuesday night I have open house to allow folks to come in and practice or to start building if they want, it has been the most fun. There are so many resources available. When you call "evenings are best" we can talk more about what fits you best.

Its gonna be a wonderful adventure for you I am sure.

Thanks for that....I gave a quick look at that site and will definitely revisit...might try one of his bending jigs. I'm thinking I might try to start my first guitar in late spring.
Your music room sounds fantastic! ....and a great way to keep connected to nearby musicians!
I don't know anyone in the area but you could maybe get some help online ...there are several good videos on guitar building .and..if I am not mistaken...stewmac  has a few......also maybe people here and elsewhere would be willing to help you .through emails ....maybe even phone calls ..I hope you find someone....  I was lucky enough to apprentice for a little while and I call the luthier often asking for advece on a restoration or fix. ...apprenicing is a great way to learn ..they get free labor and you get knowledge... ..most lethiers unless they are famous are open to an apprentice ........I loved it ....

Hi Sonia,


Where did you do your apprenticeship?


What kind of guitar did you make?



Hi Lauren,

I'm not aware of any makers in RI (that doesn't mean there isn't) but there are a ton of book, videos, kits (good and bad), on-line apprenticeships, 1 and 2 week intensives, etc. I have often taught nylon string guitar making...I have done a 1 week intensive one on one, as well has teach aspects of guitar making on-line. I'm in the Los Angeles area tho!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


Hi Greg,
I've emailed a couple of inquiries and have some leads...
A cutaway classical/crossover (not certain that's the proper 'label') is the first type of guitar I'd like to make.

I'm hoping to find an 'intensive' or apprenticeship situation because I think I'd just pick up those little subleties one does when you watch someone really skilled at something....
I have done several years of teaching myself in woodworking and model making so it shouldn't be a big stretch....but i'd like to avoid those annoying newbie mistakes : ) You know....the ones I'll find out about if I do it all by myself in a vacuum but if I work along side someone that person would say something like "you should always do A step before B step except while you're waiting for the glue to dry, or whatever...

When I lived in SF(years ago) there were a number of instrument makers nearby and I almost started working with a guy who specialized in harpsichords - but it didn't come to pass for some reason or other.

Are there any classical kits or supplier you might recommend?

Check out You'll find several to choose from. In NH, Mass, Vermont, and Maine.

Hmmmm!  I don't have extensive experience, however I have built 3 guitars to date - one a hollowbody electric and 2 acoustic guitars and I do live in RI. I'd be glad to share what I do know as you proceed with your build.  There are several guitar makers in NH.  Alan Carruth leads a group somewhere in NH.  I'm sure you could google him.  Alan taught the guy who helped me through my first build. Feel free to email me at



Thanks for your reply!!!!

It looks like you know Bill!!

Emailing you at



Here are the websites for some luthiery schools, although I'm afraid they're not in the New England Area. If you want to talk to an experienced luthier, I'm sure you can contact one through these websites :)



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