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I have a Taylor 314CE. The end-pin is also the cable jack. I haven't found a guitar strap that fits easily over the pin. I bought a really nice leather one, but like all the others I have tried, by the time I get it over the pin, I've pretty much loosened the pin and get a lot of noise when amping. Any suggestions or advice?

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I did not see any videos, (or links for same) but would like to see them. I agree with Mr Cebula that the problem is the Taylor/Fishman end pin. I tried to find an "aftermarket" one that works better but have been unsuccessful thus far. It has a 3/8" threaded post (Martin uses a 1/2" apparently.)

For the record, I almost never take my strap off. But I would like to see the videos, there just wasn't anything to link to when I looked at the response.
Yeah, they didn't show up for me either. I used the "add hyperlink" button. Let's try this:

Please watch this video:

Or watch all of my videos:

You’ll also see my banjo strap that saves your back!

Thanks a lot for looking,

That's better.
Here is my favorite guitar's called a "Lock-it" strap and is the only locking guitar strap that fits over and locks onto the endpin jack on an acoustic guitar!!! I have five at this point for all my stage instruments. Edward

I went to the web site but didn't see anything about fitting the acoustic/electric end pin jack. What is the diameter of the hole when the strapped is locked?

Check out a newproduct on the market. The AXEGUARD System at I think this will fix your problem.

Pretty much the same as mine but I use decorative conchos to connect to the strap...six of one, half dozen of the other I suppose...

the internet is full of charlatans advertising products that will increase the size of your strap.Don't be fooled..they don't work.

Mine works great...I don't know about the other ones that are advertised....

Here is my answer to this dilemma. I make special adapters to fit the end of the regular strap with a decorative concho that screws on. The other end, I punch a 7/16" hole and 3/4" slit that properly fits most end pin jacks. Using the adapter instead of cutting your strap allows your strap to be used on a regular strap pin as well if needed.



March 2013 this is still a problem and a web search shows only 1 company (Pearse) that makes strap with larger holes 

But why buy a special new expensive strap when yours is still fine and excellent.

 I would try this:

Sandwich your strap end between 2 thin boards. Clamp them together tight. line up where you want the drill bit to pass thru the strap hole.  Using the proper size drill bit (sharp) to fit the fatter jack end pin, center and align and drill into the wood and thru the strap hole.  The wood prevents tear out and keeps leather hole clean and edges sharp.  maybe experiment on scrap leather first.


It's really not that hard to do...I have a heavy duty two ply leather strap. First I enlarged the hole on the end of the strap through both layers using a pair of medium sized wire cutters. Then I enlarged the hole on the underside ply of the strap leaving about 1/8 " or slightly more difference between the two. In other words, the hole diameter in the top outer layer is about 1/4" smaller than the hole in the inner, lower layer. This accounts for the thickness issue presented by the channel around the pickup receptacle. Use it on my brand new Hummingbird. Works very well. Outer leather layer holds securely and the plug to the amp cord is insurance!


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