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I am a guitarist. I am also a veteran. I came across a site that takes donated guitars and gives them to wounded veterans. So what, say you? So I, being of sound mind and body, do hereby request your old unused guitars. Don’t send them to me though. My wife wont let me have another guitar until I get rid of a couple I already have. So I, being of semi-sound mind and body, have decided to send these guys, who are veterans themselves, two of my guitars. An Ibanez Semi hollow body and a Yamaha Classical. An excellent way to help the wounded Warrior and know your guitar will find a good home. Any one else think they could give up a guitar to help out? They are also accepting $ donations but that is not why I am here. Being of somewhat sound mind and a body left crippled by the US Army I have navigated my way through the VA and all its bs. That was almost more depressing than the actual injuries. These guys/gals face lengthy recovery periods and I know my guitar is what kept me from doing a Jackson Pollack painting on my ceiling with a shotgun. Help if you can They are a legitimate non profit and I will be quiet now.Below is a link to the site and you can make up your own mind.

Thanx America

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I am planning on donating a 214 Taylor soon. I just got it back from loaning it to a kid learning how to play. This is a great group from what I can tell.
I just saw this Spot....what a great idea the co-founders came up with. I'm gonna check this out some more and decide which acoustic I have to donate. The Vets don't need the "junkie stuff" either....meaning a donation should at a minimum, be a decent playable guitar....regardless of the price range. I'm somewhat surprised you haven't gotten more responses....maybe, like me, folks haven't seen your posted discussion. I'm not a Vet, but I have 3 brothers who are and accordingly, I have some sense of how they feel about their service time.

Thanks for bringing up this new innovative idea and sharing it. If anybody should have some sense of how learning to play or having years of playing experience invokes a pleasure of creating music, surely ..this community should be the most understandnig folks in the world.....and many are as you, Vets themselves.

You did good the rest of us need to decide how we feel about our love of playing and what we can do to encourage and help any Vet who wants to pursue the same paths we traveled. Like my wife says when I get the urge to buy another guitar....."Honey, you can only play one at a time"......but she also understands the excitement of gear acquisition......kinda like buying shoes/

So, if you're reading this Mr. Dan Gabel, how about the "big dogs" at AG, ya guys and gals have anything to offer?

Best wishes.

Thank you Dano, for your encouragement!

I am a US Army veteran and volunteer guitar teacher at the Milwaukee WI VA Hospital with the Guitars For Vets organization. We certainly appreciate your interest in helping to heal our wounded heroes through guitar instruction.

Jim- Thanx for checking it out and your donation. These guys are doing great things for great people. I hope you will help spread the word to fellow guitar players. Donating a Taylor is huge! Thanx again.

Dano- I have received nothing but positive replies from everyone I talk to. They love it. I was speaking to a lady at work and she was moved to tears. She felt this idea gave in a way that money can't. It gives to the soul of the injured Vet. You rock dude! Thanx for your donation. Spread the word if you will.
Thank you for your support Jim!

We at Guitars For Vets operate strictly on donations and we have no paid staff. Our Web site is and we appreciate your kind donation.

US Army Infanty/Scout
Volunteer guitar teacher
I shipped out my Ibanez to the guys at Guitars for Vets yesterday. It was a very weird experience. Kind of emotional. Almost like sending a kid to college. I will miss the Ibanez but I know it will go on to bigger and better things instead of just being a dust collecting beauty sitting in the corner. I rarely played it after buying my Seagull Mini Jumbo. I hope it finds a good home. I am sure it will. Hats off to all those who donated guitars or money. These guys will accept crappy old guitars and repair or recondition them in order to give the Veteran a quality instrument. Not all have left comments but the reaction to my post was quite impressive. Y'all really came through. Thanx again.
Spot, thank you very much for your Ibanez guitar donation. Your guitar is in a very good "college" and will be earning a degree in music therapy.

US Army Infantry/Scout
Volunteer guitar teacher
Hello RLV,

Thank you for your service to our country!!!

Yes, if you would like to volunteer as a guitar teacher for our Guitars For Vets organization you can email our President Dan, or our Vice President Patrick at our contacts page at:

We hope to hear from you soon!

US Army Infantry/Scout
Volunteer guitar teacher
Semper Fi & Welcome Home to all vets!!!

Spot, yer' thread caught my eye and I just wanted to give my support.

I've been a member here & there (main forum at AG etc) for about 5 years or so and won't agonize you here with my redundant recent hardships but suffice it to say that the VA is "helping" me too...

Thanks for your dedication brother!

Thanx Foxy
With the help the VA dishes out who needs enemy combatants? (Feeble attempt at humor)

When I shipped the guitar out at the local pak-n-ship the lady who worked there offered to pack the guitar for free after seeing whom the guitar was destined for. I sent the guitar in its hard case but it needed to be put in a better shipping carton and I think it took her about an hour. It was her small way of saying thanx.

Thanx for your support. Spreading the word helps immensely.

Semper Fi
rlv- Thanx. The camaraderie we find in the military never leaves us does it? It reaches across all branches of the military and is something we have in our souls until the day we die. Good to hear from so many Vets. I found out that these guys wander the halls of the VA hospital and just sit down and play for the most severely wounded. If you peruse the pics on the website you will see them playing for severely injured Vets in their rooms. Kind of a tear jerker but re-establishes my devotion to helping these guys out. Thanx again for your donation.

rlv said:
I probably should ask this question to the guitars for vets site directly, but I would be willing to donate some personal time to help a vet learn in addition to a guitar. I am a Vietnam vet and I understand how difficult the road back can be.
Hi All,

My name is Aaron and I volunteer for Guitars For Vets as a fund raiser and teacher.

Our one and only home base for any donations of any kind is at the P.O. Box in Milwaukee, Wisconsin found on our Web site . Every week vets sign up for our guitar instruction, then we teachers go to the Milwaukee VA Hospital music room and give free guitar lessons. We buy the give away acoustic guitars from a local music shop with the money that we raise. After the injured vet completes his/her 5th guitar lesson, we give them a free acoustic guitar, gig bag and strap.

Any physical guitar that is donated to us at the Milwaukee P.O Box shown on our Web site, gets a thorough inspection by our luthier. The guitar then receives any necessary repairs and will be sold at auction to buy more guitars for injured vets, or will be used to give lessons. During our in person fund raising events we can usually provide live entertainment by our volunteer teachers in an effort to attract more fans and donations.

We are a very hard working all volunteer crew who truly care about our American Veterans. We do not have a paid staff and strictly run on volunteer effort. We have opened up additional chapters in other Wisconsin based VA Hospitals, another VA Hospital in St. Louis Missouri, and Austin Texas. Our only collection point is based in Milwaukee Wisconsin and will always be such. All donations must go through the Milwaukee Wisconsin P.O. Box found on our Web site.

Thank you for your help in healing our injured American Veterans!

US Army Infantry/Scout
Volunteer Guitars For Vets teacher


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