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Hard Times Killing Floor - Free Blues mp3 For Download - Jack Owens, MS

Hi folks,

In the early 90's I made a series of trips to the Mississippi Delta searching out old time blues musicians that were still playing.

This is an mp3 of Jack Owens playing his version of Hard Times Killing Floor, recorded right on his front porch on a hot summer day. Seeing as how Jack lived practically next door to Skip James back in the 30's, I asked Jack if he ever learned from Skip. Jack got real mad at me and said something like "hell no, I taught 'Skippy' everything he ever did."

I don't know how true that is but it sure was fun taking some lessons from him. I have some private videos of those visits... priceless stuff.

So just go to this link and you'll see the link for the free mp3 below Jack's picture.


Toby Walker

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hey Toby ,,

Enjoyed the story (the padlocks and gun part...priceless


regards ian

Looking back it was a damn bit scary but it sure made for a good story.


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