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If you are like me and are a struggling beginner whose right hand seems to have no rhythm, then you should search youTube for "A Horse with No Name" lesson.  It is two very simple chords that are easy to fret.  It also has a semi-complicated (for beginners) strumming pattern.  You can get it down in a few minutes and really work on your rhythm (timing).  Try it, you won't regret it. 

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Have loved this number for years. Constantly played it on the Jukebox, sometimes repeatedly - several times. "on the trot". I think there's a "JOKE" in there. I, also think your meant to smile at this point. Ha! ha! ha!, as my daughter would say.

Will take your advice

Best wishes,

Albert E. C. Hemmings.

Yes, that would help with rythym...and you wouldn't have to know many chords to play it! LOL.

Sorry, if I've not replied before now.

Thanks for your reply.

Best wishes,


"A Song with Two chords"

with apologies to "America" ...


"I went to the show

to play a song with two chords

it felt great to be up on the stage

on the stage, you can't remember a lot

play a two-chord song if that's all that you got!

La la la lalalalala"


Wow... ;-)


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