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There's a nice interview with Tom Petty a few years ago in which he says they have about 144 guitars, but you only need one.  I have a good acoustic, a good electric, and something for the campfire (to play not to burn...).  How many do you need??

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My non guitar friends look at my arsenal and joke, "how many guitars are you gonna have?" My running answer is as many bottles as I have in my wine cellar if possible" (I have 2100 bottles of wine). Of course I am joking  but in truth, while I only have 13 or so guitars, I play every one of them from time to time with my obvious favorites and even rotate some of them when I play/gig out (Pics of most in my profile). I am always on the lookout for a good deal on a guitar and have had tremendous luck buying barely used guitars from those who thought they wanted to play and then stopped and rid themselves of the guitars (their loss is my terrific gain). Of course you need to know what you are looking at/for and is another subject for discussion altogether. I am truly blessed that my wife and partner loves my guitars as well and supports my addiction (OK, let's all be honest and call it what it is!!!)


I guess my short answer is that I will never have too many guitars.


"Hello my name is John Garofalo and I am a guitaraholic"!!

As always....just one more.


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