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I am new to this board and I hope to get acquainted with all of you in the coming time, and I hope to further my knowledge in guitar with the help of this board!

A quick introduction,

I'm 28 and I've only been playing for a year, and while my guitar teacher (with 40 years experience) tells me I've exceeded the majority of his students in learning curve, number of songs, technique, chords and clarity; I'm a modest person. I believe I'm a novice even though I can play such songs as Cat's in the Cradle, Caroline (John Butler Trio), Blackbird, Hey Jude and Here Comes the Sun to name a few. 


I have a question that has been bugging me for awhile now. I have been wanting to purchase a 12 string lately, but I have no idea what to look for when shopping.

I've picked a few up and I've tinkered around with some, but nearly all of them sound out of tune and I'm not sure how to tune them up, or if they really are out of tune. So I end up putting them back on the rack and waiting until another time hoping that one will be in tune. 

I have found one that sounded great, with surprisingly little effort to press down on the strings (much easier than my 6 string). But it was about 1500 bucks. Not in my realm.


What do I look for when looking at 12 strings? That is besides the obvious "get what works best for you" and "what sounds best to you" things. I'm thinking more technical, like size of the body, manufacturer, things I should look out for when deciding to search.


Also, if I come across one that's out of tune, how would I go about fixing the tuning with or without a built in tuner? I hear that tuning 12 strings is no easy process, so I understand it may be difficult, especially to someone like me. 


Any help anyone could give would be great because I'd really like to give this 12 string thing a try!

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The Seagulls are 1.9", and I found out yesterday thanks to my Brazilian friend that the Craviola has a 5 cm (1.97") nut.  Did you check out that "guitar"?  Intriguing - GAS developing - must be patient...
How about fingerpicking technique? Which string are you supposed to pick? Does it matter? Does it depend on something? Are you supposed to hit both? I've always been curious about that

you play each pair as one string.  A 12 string that has been properly set up is a delight to play.  Mine seems easier to play than my Yamaha 6 string...and the sound - oh the sound is so nice...makes the cat exit the room and I mean right now!

I'm doing everything on my 12 that I can do on the 6.  But my level of play is bass runs, a little Carter style melody and chords.  but I'm learning!

I actually have a Giannini Craviola 12 string coming to me via FedEx as I speak! Delivery on the 28th. Woo Hoo!

How to search for a 12-string?  First do a lot of research on the internet - then, find something you like (like a Craviola...) - then, post a link to what you want on Amazon - then, everyone hits it from all over the country - then, the price drops from $548 to $338 (currently) - then, you buy one - and then...


A Giannini Craviola acoustic-only 12-string arrives at your door!


And the back:


The back closer:




Headstock back:


Apparantly the Giannini company is very shy, as their nameplate is on the back of the headstock...


And one from the side...


I really think that it is beautiful!  A very unique shape, wonderful tone, good volume, excellent playability, and very comfortable to play.  IMHO, a great value, especially at Amazon's low price right now...

Um, it's $338.35 right now...


BTW, the 6 string (which got no hits...) is $484...why?

Hay Nick...doesn';t look like you bought your 12 string yet...

But I would very much recommend you look on have bought 3 guitars of CL...

And I got my Martin DM12 off CL for $500...great guitar...has the "Martin sound"...if you can say that....


I have walked away several times from deals on CL...usually because the guitar was not as the seller described it...

No harm in that...Actually, I consider that part of the fun of chasing down exactly what I want...

It took me about 6 months to find my 12 string...

I looked about a year to find my Guild D50...


And there was another poster, Christopher I think...and I agree with him...if you have the opportunity to

get a Guild 12 string...built like the proverbial "outhouse"...and sound beeeeautifulllllllll.....

There are several models available...don;t think it really makes any difference...


I've not checked out the new Guild's that have the model designation GADxxxx...not certain but I believe those models are

not made in the US...but you could certainly take a look...

Good Day Nick


I got a new 12 string Guitar fro Christmas and I am quite happy with it. if you have not looked into Walden Guitars then you should give it a look. I got my new guitar the D552 for christmas and I love it. if you are lookin for a good quality, sound and Feel I put my hand up for this one. I would put it up against any of the lower end Martin, Breedlove and Washburn guitars I have played. for me it plays better then the Yamaha FG720s12 and the Mitchel. but that is a personal preference I think. so if you have not bought your guitar and you are still looking take a look

I use the Snark Tuner...

Snark SN-2 Clip-on Chromatic Instrument Tuner Features:

  • Full-color display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
  • Stay-put clip
  • Tap tempo metronome
  • Flat tuning/transpose functions
  • Pitch calibration (415-466Hz)
  • High-sensitivity vibration sensor
  • Built-in microphone

I use this to tune both my 6 and 12 string Guitars.

Good luck with you Quest for your new 12 String Baby.


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