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How would I verify that Conn F- 60 – 6 string & Conn F-65 - 12 string were made at the Harptone Facility

Does anyone have knowledge about guitars made at the Harptone Facility in Newark, NJ. I did an Internet search on my Conn F-65 12 string.  I found a website maintained by a Conn guitar enthusiast named Joseph Brock. On Mr. Brock’s website he posted that Conn F- 60 – 6 string & Conn F-65 - 12 string guitars are solid wood guitars & were made at the Harptone Facility as prototypes. All other Conn guitars were manufactured in Japan. I sent some family pics to Mr. Brock of us playing the Conn.

I hale, originally, from the south end of Bloomfield, NJ. I have no intent on ever selling the guitar because of the sentimental value. Also, the most anyone has every paid for a Vintage Conn in the F-60 series is $400. Both my sons discovered their love for guitar playing it. If the guitar was made in Newark, so close to where I grew up, it would add even more to that sentimental attachment.Any suggestions as to how I could verify if the Harptone for Conn F-60 & F-65 connection is true?

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Harptone was my grandfather's company that I used to visit often when I was a kid. They had made some instruments early on, but mostly made musical instrument cases in the 50's and 60's.

My uncle took it over when my grandfather retired in the '60's and got back into manufacturing guitars. My uncle's wife's maiden name was Conn, which he used for that line of instruments. If you'd like more info, let me know.

I have a Conn F-1512 (I think it's a 1512). Inside where the label should be is stamped "51.6.18" and "MADE IN JAPAN". I would think that if it is not stamped "MADE IN JAPAN" then it's probably made in the US facility.


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