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How would you define "Americana" music, if it is even definable?

A Nashville session guitarist defined it to me as a combination of jazz, blues, folk and country. To me that doesn't really help because that covers pretty much everything. I mean I guess I know it when I hear it but is there a way to say what it is? I want to know this because I am constantly asked by music bookers about my "style" and I tell them "alt-country-americana" an the go "Ohhhh"...

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Say Harry seeing you are from Texas why not look up some friends from down there called the Drug Store Cowboys out of San Antonio, my good buddy Tiny plays the bass for them and they have this really cute singer ( with a grea voice ) she can belt it out with the best of them.ship

  I have trouble with music labels because a lot of songs don't fit, I had a guy tell me once I do sort of southern rock, just before I went into a Drifters medoly, I tell bookers I do back porch sing along music, and continue with I do a few songs by almost every group, from oldies, country, pop and rock and roll, I even have "best of back porch sing along music" on my business cards, but to me americana is basic no frill music that you can play while just sitting around with friends, just a guitar or fiddle or banjo or mandolin or a wooden box, or two wooden stix

There is a label I hadn't thought of..."Back Porch Music". I think I will use that next time I hit up a cafe for a solo gig...

It's funny you mention "Back Porch Music," because there's a long running radio program on my local public radio station with the same name. It's been showcasing what I consider to be "Americana" for 34 years, including pre-war old time music, traditional folkies like Pete Seeger and Bod Dylan, all the way to contemporary artists like Chris Thile, The Avett Brothers, The Wailin' Jennys, Old Crow Medicine Show, etc. It airs every Fri., Sat., and Sun. It's a simply fantastic program, especially for discovering new artists, and can be streamed online if you're out of range of the radio station. Here's the link:

Also, checked out some of your music...good stuff, man!

Thanks Jason!! yeah you have to love public radio and college radio stations, its where the cool kids hang out!!



I actually live in Mississippi about 20 miles across the lake from New Orleans, but my wife handles a lot of TX Artist and we go all over with them.  My last post deleted because I accidently logged in using my username versus email and logged into an old account which I just deleted to keep from getting confused.

I will look into the Drug Store Cowboys.

As I said in my previous post and above, my wife has been working with Cody for about 16 years, and he is a great guy and player and now has Seth James with him, and some of the old Medicine Show guys.  They just got back from Germany and I'm heading out next week to run the roads with them for a couple of weeks.

Cody Canada and The Departed - Long Way From Now Where

Cody and "Hold On Christian" - Crank Them Speakers Up!!!!!!, simply amazing at about 3:50 into the vid.

@Josh - Dude play your style and let it rip.  I listened to some of your clips and like it.

Harry T.

Hey thanks Harry!!!


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