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Just bougth myself a used Taylor 110e on the internet.
I wanted a guitar to cut throug the mix in the band, and I still think the sound is rigth..but
the pick up seemes to be some kind of active contact pu, placed inside the body at the low end of the body.Unortuanally it hums, andwhen I touch the jack plug, the hum stops.
I have some experience of pietzo under saddle, but this one is new to me. Please help

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Is the battery for the active pick-up good? Try a new battery. The reason the hum stops is because you are creating a ground when you touch the strings.

Make sure you do not have a grounding problem at the amp/PA or outlet the amp/PA is plugged into. Modern amps/PAs have 3-prong plugs which should never be defeated. If there is a ground lift on the amp try switching it and see what happens.

Also, have you tried the guitar in another amp or PA system? Do you have any effects between the guitar and amp/PA? Try plugging a cable into the guitar and then directly into the amp. If the hum goes away then put the effects back in one at a time or test each separately. When you find the offending effect try to figure out what the issue is. It's possible the effect itself has a grounding issue. That is the ground between it and the amp is somehow disconnected. There can create a potentially dangerous situation.

In all likelyhood it's probably something simple but until you can track it down be cautious.

Oh, lighting, computer monitors and mechanical devices can create a hum as well. Flourecent lights are notorious for creating hums as is the bartender running a blender that sits on the same circuit as an amp/PA sits on.

Hello John

First of all, thank you very much for your very acurate answer.

I tryed all you the things suggested, and I am sorrry to say I had no luck

My 3 other guitars have different LR.Bagggs systems (Ibeam.Elements and M1) and they all work perfectly and noiseless

The Taylor pu seems to be some kind of a contact pu mounted under the fretboard inside the body.along
with the pre-amp

I still hope that somebody knows,

Sorry for spelling and gramma, english is not my first languige
You could try calling Taylor and see what they have to say about it? It is their electronics. They could possibly know the issue and maybe walk you through some diagnostics.

Well, the guitar still hum, but I have found out, that it needs to play on a grounded PA. 

The one I have at home is not groundet, so I never use it here, but in the studio everything sounds perfect.

I have been told, that the pick up in my Tayler is a singlecoil, it sounds nice, but it does not work the way I wish it would


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