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If you could only own ONE acoustic for the rest of your life ...

What would you choose and why?  Money is no obstacle for this discussion! 

Remember, just one ... for the rest of your life.  Period.

PS:  I know it's a hard question, LOL.  But, that's why it make an interesting point of discussion. 



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  I think I'd get a Rainsong OM slim body cut away, sounds good, nice action and you never have to worry about humidity , it's almost bullet proof, all for around 2 grand
Rainsong's are an interesting concept.  The youtubes I've listened to do sound good.  And as you say, it would be pretty much indestructible.  Good creative choice.
I have a Rainsong Black Ice, and love it for the same reasons.
Hmmm ... I have a Composite Acoustics Legacy dreadnought that I LOVE, even though I wasn't really expecting to when I bought it ... But, despite my other guitars, that one does stand out there ... I think the Rainsongs and Emeralds are excellent, also. Hard cord wood lovers are and most certainly would be surprised if they've never played one. Mine has a 1-3/4" nutwidth, and the neck is WONDERFUL!

Knowing my desire for a wider nut width, and NOT having done any research as to which guitars (other than Seagull and Larrivee) have a 1.8" or greater nut width, I'd say right now a Peppino D'Agostino Seagull Artist.  I also didn't consider getting one "custom made" by, say, Larrivee, Huss & Dalton, Breedlove, Martin, Gibson, Taylor, or a host of others.


Here's a link:


Cool discussion!

You KNOW, I like that answer!  :-)  Personally though, I'd have to install a lightweight pick guard.  I'd have that sound hole and top ragged in no time with my style.

I would have to go with my Martin D-35. My meager contribution to music is to play rhythm and for me, the D-35 does that better than my HD-28 . I am also very fond of the beautiful three piece back, and the bound ebony fretboard. I find the ebony fretboard to be just a tad faster than the rosewood fretboard of my HD-28.  I love my Guild D-312 a great deal, it is just not as versatile as my six sting instruments.


My $.02.


Jay P.



I need to play a bunch more guitars before I answer this one :)

Best Answer!


I go with the trusty Gibson SJ-200.
I'd go with a Bourgeois Slope Shoulder D.  I've listened to a bunch of sound tests and they really sound great.  Then I'd have to decide whether to go with the short scale and then sunburst or natural.  If I had the money I'd go right to Dana's shop and pick the wood, discuss neck profiles etc.


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