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If you could only own ONE acoustic for the rest of your life ...

What would you choose and why?  Money is no obstacle for this discussion! 

Remember, just one ... for the rest of your life.  Period.

PS:  I know it's a hard question, LOL.  But, that's why it make an interesting point of discussion. 



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I have always wanted to buy one of these for myself.


Any one of his builds would be a great collection to my guitars I have had the greatest pleasure in playing with a couple but the price was always just right out of my reach, not always by much but enough for me to have to pass on those that I have seen for sale.They just play as well as you can imagine, its almost as if they make the music by themselfs.

Here is a link for you who have never seen one of his guitars.


I would have to say my dream guitar is The Batson Grand Concert.  Custom shop made with some sort of exotic wood combination.

No one guitar does it all, at least in my experience, for my needs and uses.

While I can understand the thought experiment of choosing just one guitar, reality dictates that most (nearly all?) players will have more than one instrument, and if they don't have multiple instruments, they will want an additional guitar, or two or three.

I simply can't imagine having only one guitar.  I have many, and there are logical and intelligent reasons (at least to me) for having them.  The reason is simple:  No one guitar does it all.

But that completely blows the purpose of the discussion ... :-) 

Of course, we want it ALL! 

In my scenario, a person has to choose, or settle for no guitar at all for the rest of their lives. 

Hi, Stephen,

I agree: no one guitar does it all. At the age of 45, I discovered Portuguese guitar, so diferent from the Spanish one, not to mention the American steel-string. Portuguese guitars broadened my mind, led me into playing things unthinkable, that's for sure. But, the question is, if you had to chose one, only one, which one would you chose? - Cruel dilemma (or trilemma, or manyfoldlemma)! Which one would you chose? I would take a classic guitar - they are more versatile than steel-strings or Portuguese guitars...

As for my choice, I'm going to go with an Ovation as well (as long as its a USA model made in CT). Had many of them over the years, as well as other brands, and I keep coming back to the round backs. If you've never played an Ovation Adamas guitar (top of the line for Ovation, Carbon Fiber soundboard), you don't know what you're missing. People say that the soundboard on my Adamas Millennium has so many different tones coming off of it that it sounds like a harpsichord. I also seriously abused my old Ovation Elite that I've had for about 20 years now when I was back in college and in my twenties, and never took proper care of it, but the thing still looks and sounds great to this day -- big deep sound from the deep body bowl too. The build quality, durability, playability, and sound of my Adamas makes me wish I could afford another one! However, stay away from the Korean or Chinese models (which are now the norm for Ovation since Fender bought them out a few years ago and shipped most production overseas), or you can forget everything I just said -- they're garbage.

Also, I believe Rainsong has really scaled down production (if not stopped it altogether), but Composite Acoustics makes some very nice all composite guitars that are more reasonably priced than Rainsong. They are all composite, neck and everything -- no truss rod. A coworker of mine was at the NAMM show a few weeks ago and said the CA booth had a guitar sitting UNDER A WATERFALL, and visitors were welcome to pick it up and play it.



Got it, got it new in '87 and it'll see me out.

A Lowden L25

I had'nt played for about fifteen years and a singer songwriter was passing through with one and I played it. I phoned George L and we talked guitars and he sent me one - just like that, I still have and play it.

Hi, guys,

I think this discussion is really fascinating - in many different ways.

Reading the last comments, and the guitars chosen, I found myself wondering "what kind of music do these people play?"

There's a Portuguese proverb: "Tell me the people you go along with, I'll tell you who you are". So, I figured out a little variation : "Tell me this man's favorite guitar, I'll tell you the kind of music he plays".

I looked at the guitar choices in these comments, tried to guess the kind of music their authors played, and, most of the times, when checking their profiles, my guess was right. No big deal: Most guitars chosen are steel string ones, most comments are made by Americans who play Folk, light rock, blues and Church...

This may lead us to this conclusion: the discussion might as well be about " what kind of music do you play?". One could check the profiles - only to confirm if the guitars owned by the authors of the comments suit their favorite music...

And they do - you may bet.

That means most of the comments come from people that have clear ideas about the music they like and the adequate axe to play it. That's why, in many cases, they already have the guitar of their dreams - or close. That also explains why there are so many comments in which the chosen guitar is already owned by the author...

And there's something more: some comments follow the " I refuse to chose one, I need plenty" line. They usually come from people that plays different styles...( quod erat demonstrandum...).

Well, It's a pleasure to be a part of this Community. I hope you forgive me for peeping into your profiles searching for the reasons that led your choices. I learned a lot from you all, I thank you for that. Please continue playing guitars - and talking about them!

I have to also comment on the "Martin Smell" phenomenon...this is not always a good thing, depending on the amount of sweat given off by the owner. There's a reason my cousins and I have nicknamed my uncle's old D-18 "Stinky Whizzletooth".




That is hilarious!


Martin 000-18 Norman Blake.  It's the only guitar I can't shake.  Too bad I have a kid in college and they're on the inactive list.  I suppose that my humble D-15 will do.  


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