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If you could only own ONE acoustic for the rest of your life ...

What would you choose and why?  Money is no obstacle for this discussion! 

Remember, just one ... for the rest of your life.  Period.

PS:  I know it's a hard question, LOL.  But, that's why it make an interesting point of discussion. 



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The one that is in my picture, an Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500RCCE would be my choice for a steel string.  It's the only steel string I've ever liked except for a Gibson Dove, mainly because it has a cedar top with rosewood sides and back and a flat fretboard like a classical.  But really there would have to be 2 guitars because as nice as the EF-500RCCE is, it is not classical.  So I would have to also have my old Horabe classical I bought back in '81 when I was in college.  One for strumming, flatpicking and finger picking and one for playing solo classical pieces.


I'm with you. Would be nice to have both. I can't imagine myself without a Portuguese guitar ( by the way, i could use also an American steel-string and a bass...). But, the discussion being about choosing one, ONLY ONE, voilá, which one would you choose? The answer would be easier if the question was "only one ... at a time", but it isn't. So, I personally would go for a classical. But it would have to be a real good one made by a real master luthier.

Classicals are most versatile, hence my choice.

But you have all my sincere understanding....

I really love that guitar myself, Ruth ~ for all the same reasons .. Plus the 1-7/8" neck. I think we're kind of lucky to own them, as they have been discontinued.

My Adamas.  There's nothing like it.  Period.  Sounds great acoustically.  Plugged in awesome.  XLR outs help a lot.  I have a D-35 Martin that everyone calls my dumpser Martin.  It looks awful, sounds great.  I just can't play it more than a couple of hours.  I can play that Adamas all night.

And, besides all that... it's beautiful!

That's a beauty fer sure, Mike. I think Adamas guitars are sickly under-rated.

That will work for me. I promise to play it for the rest of my life.

Hi Jud another thought provoking topic as always.After reading all the postings I would have expected more Classic Gibson choices.The Martin and Taylor choices were not unexpected.I was surprised and interested in the Ovation and the Rainsong seems to hold much clout.I think my choice would be a custom built guitar by an American guitar builder that I could work with to build me a guitar along the lines of my 1979 Yamaha CJ838S. An instrument I collaborated on to chose tone woods, colors, size and set up would be a life time experience. More than a musical instrument it would be unique and an heirloom I would proudly pass on to my grand son with pride. Thanks for askin'.

Adamas' are American built and they will build custom for you.  Unless you've played one, you don't know.  I am partisan though.

Well, Robert, I understand we have a lot in common... the big difference is that, if I had to chose only ONE guitar, it would be a classic (more versatile than steel.string ones). And, of course, the luthier would probably have to be Spanish... but the overall philosophy is very similar...

I don't know about my D35.  It usually sounds good but sometimes the mid/treble does sound a bit bright (and one note like) with new strings, and the bass a bit dull. All in all, my D35is a bit schizoid -- usually good but with occasional weirdness.


My Seagulls tend to be better behaved without any weirdness (or may be due to old strings).



Just ONE guitar....egads.....perish the thought!


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