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I wanted to try to find some sort of consensus when it comes to proper storage for an acoustic. Many say to keep it in the case, but I've also read it's better to keep it out on a stand so air can freely flow around the guitar. I just purchased a Larrivée and I want to try to keep it in peak condition. Thoughts?

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One thing to consider is dust. If you leave a guitar out, at least in my house, it gets dusty pretty quickly and it tough to clean around the headstock and under the strings near the bridge. I like to keep my "good" guitars in the case but.... ive dinged one up when i picked up the case with the latches opened and it fell out.
Living in Colorado, the humidity was always below 40% the whole winter. We had a really dry winter and I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. When I bought my Breedlove, the website recommended that I keep it humidified between 44-48% at ALL times, and around 70 degrees. That is the climate of the room at Breedlove where the wood was worked and the guitar manufactured. Different guitar companies have different climate controls. It may prove helpful to research that. I have a soundhole humidifier with a hygrometer inside my case all the time. That is better than nothing when traveling. When at home, I run a cool humidifier (not a hot vaporizer type) until my hygromter hits the desired range in the case. Then, I place the guitar in there without latching and the case and the humidity stays where I want it until the next time I play. Guitar is protected and humidified, problem solved.
I've read all of the responses and in my opinion, you either own a guitar to use or to save for some other purpose. I think that a lot of people have prized possessions that are not enjoyed due to their obsession with preservation. I find myself getting caught up in that trap all the time. I have certain things that I have collected over the years that I don't enjoy for the fear of damaging or ruining them. I don't do that anymore. If you love it, use it. Use it and display it to get the full enjoyment out of it. Just care for it while it's out. If your prized guitar shows signs of wear, those signs are well earned. What would Blackie be without Clapton's cigarette burns. Good luck and enjoy.
This has worked for me for about 10 years now. High mountain desert climate SW Idaho. No issues with hanging any guitar by the neck on the wall or on the floor stand. see attachment.
What a cool room!
Beautiful setup. Where did you get the guitar stand. sierra625
Dust happens.
I keep my Larrivee on the stand no more than 3 days. I play it often in that time frame. I keep my Washburn F52SW out most of the time because it's my practice and composition guitar. I play it constantly because it's easy to get to. It all really depends on the climate in your area. I live in CA so the weather is pretty constant and I have no real issues. But I make sure to do the maintenance and check for and issues from humidity or lack of. I think with proper vigilance your guitar should be fine.
Definitely go with the case when possible. It's easier to control the climatic conditions in the smaller environment, and less expensive to do so, too. A small case humidifier can be obtained for approximately $20! In addition, the case will protect the guitar from scratches, nicks, dings, and falls-- which can be life-ending. A stand is convenient, but not nearly as safe overall. However, a cased guitar may not get played as much as one at hand on a stand. So I tend to case my guitars, but also have a couple String Swings (wall-mounted stands that can get them up and out of the way) in my office so that I can grab a guitar when I have just a few moments to play.

Case or stand? You'll always kick yourself for damage done to your guitar when the case was nearby but unused.

Good luck!
Backwards - heard to prevent neck creep on a floor stand place it in backwards!
Regardless of the fact that I play daily, mine stays in the case with at least one latch closed when not in use. I can't afford to repair or replace it should anything really bad happen.
keep it in the case.


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